I have no idea how my mind works, half the time I’m not sure I know if it’s working at all, lol.
Let me explain, my mind does word association in the weirdest of ways.

It started with me thinking:
hhmm I think I am going to do Wordless Wednesday posts like my friends,
then my brain, in one word at a time did this….

Wordless Wednesday = weekly = once a week = fun = wow = wow 
Wow = awesome = cool = giveaways = reviews = weekly reviews = weekly = wednesday = fun

Do you see what happened?  I have no idea how it went to that, just one word followed the other.  I have been thinking a lot lately about my blog, see I have many reviews and giveaways, but I didn’t want to loose my very close friends that I have met through blogland.  I have wonderful followers that I would hate to loose because my blog changed direction from what it initially was.
word association:

blog = think = review = loose friends = personal = think of something = ask = poll

and so I am listening to my mind and decided to make a post about polls lol.

I hope I can get enough answers to know what to do next.  For now I will keep my reviews and giveaways to “Wednesdays” until I decide if having a separate blog is best. 
Please take the time to answer, and leave me a comment telling me how you really feel about my “issue” lol
Thank you very much for still following me after putting you through this, lol