Free Museums on Tuesdays

I was asked to do a review on a wonderful program.

Here in San Diego, Ca, We have The beautiful and Historic Balboa Park.

It is such a beautiful Park, has a wide variety of Museums and restaurants. 
The architecture of those buildings is just absolutely amazing, my 9 year old daughter loves to go and look at the buildings.

There are many events that go on in Balboa Park, but Tuesdays is an event all on it’s own.

Every Tuesday there is a different list of Museums that are admission free for San Diego residents and Military Families.  It’s called Residen’t Free Tuesdays.

Since the kids are still on vacation, and mommy needed a break, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for a Family Adventure.  

Since on the 1st we went to The Ruben H. Fleet Science Center  I thought we would go to a different one today. 
We went to The San Diego Natural History Museum.   They have an exhibit called “Fossil Mysteries”  ALL of the kids loved it, they went all over the 5 floors and even were amazed with the photograph exhibits that were taking place. 

I encourage everyone to visit This beautiful park, The museums and all of the outside activities that go one, especially on weekends.
If you love photography, this is a definite place to go.  A hidden treasure near downtown.

5 thoughts on “Free Museums on Tuesdays”

  1. It sounds really nice. All of our museums for the most part, and the other cool places like the aquarium seem to charge an arm and a leg!!! I imagine with 6 kids you have to find some free things to do! I hope the rest of your week goes well.

  2. That is awesome that they do that. It would be very interesting to see some of those musuems. Great Review. By the way Lily I have an award for you on my blog. As I am putting my post together I am letting each person know. Give me a few minutes this morning.

  3. Lily:

    I used to buy family science museum membership, and went on vacations visiting museums all over the country, that was when my two boys were young, now they are 12 and 16, not much vacations, skiing instead…

    I love the way you play out the information about the settings and functions of the museum, it is an first-class art in display.

    About my blog, I have dog Haiku, Snow- Ice-Haiku written during Christmas break, hope that you feel free to visit, and share with you daughter…Rabbit Haiku titled as

    I am A Rabbit with A Hopping Habit,
    also included 7 Haiku in my blog.

    Click on the title will enable you to have a separate page on that particular post and print out a copy for her to save on file…

    Sweet Dreams.

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