where did my mind just go? i suddenly cant remember what i did friday.

oh yeah, now i remember why i cant remember, drama!

we got the car back finally on weds and i had to go get my prescription filled that i had in my pocket for almost 2 week, and for a chance for me to finally get out of this house! so thursday came n i was too depressed and crying to go out in public…. ANGRY!!!!!!

so thurs i planned for friday, we had an appt on base and i was gonna have a chance to get my meds.

friday morning after i sent the kids to school i was gonna swing by and pick W up for his appt and my meds. anthony and i went to get him and he never picked up the phone or answered my texts. then i also remembered he kept the bank card. UPSETTING! now, last time i went to pick him up for an appt he left on a trouble call and never made it to his appt, so this time i waited til 915am and had no choice but to go back home n wait because i didnt even have 1 dllr on me.
loooooooong story short, from 1045am til 3pm we fought non stop through the phone. i didnt know where he was and he wouldnt give me straight answers. i wound up picking him up at the mall at 3pm. needless to say, i was PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i went off and that led to war time in the car.

picked up the kids, got dinner and cant remember the rest.

what an eventful friday huh?

ON A GREAT NOTE, IZEAH GOT A BLUE CARD AT SCHOOL TODAY, FOR BEING GOOD ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! second one he has had all year so im excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!