ok so the whole saturday wasnt without parents, but i guess you can say we took shifts, because it was one parent at a time with the kids today.

saturday i didnt wake up until noon, i was up all night with our 6 y.o. i woke up and will had already given breakfast and was starting lunch for him and the other kids as me n 6y.o were still asleep.

i got ready because i had a docs appt in 1 hr, and after that i went to get groceries.
will stayed home with the kids nad they straightened up the house and watched movies.

after we took will to the docs appt where he had to spend the night at, the kids and i came home.

the kids were really sad, mainly the girls were cause the boys were over it. we ate the dinner their daddy cooked for them. that was a traditional puerto rican special dish. called a benir and he made them red rice with it too. his moms recepie. the kids mood was down,. so i let them have a special dessert, oreo cheesecake, and after that we threw blankets and pillows on the floor and watched the movie “underdog”

nice way to end the night for the kids, for me it was a different story, different blog, lol….