So I saw my count and this makes it post number 97, Yayyy, I want to hit 100 by tonight, but the thing is that I don’t want to make dumb posts, lol;
my last posts have to be meaningful, or at least make sense, lol.

So I guess this one would not fall into any of those categories unless i change the subject….

So I woke up at 1pm today, lol.  EMBARASSING!!!!
but it felt sooo good, lol, now because of that I have a dull headache and I just feel crummy.  Too much sleep sucks! lol

On another note, hubs suggested we take the kids to see The Princess and the frog, since we have free tickets for the movies, yet for the last 3 hours I have been trying to brush hair and get shoes on  kids, IS EVERYONE RUNNING AS SLOW AS ME TODAY in this house?!?!?!

aaahhhhhhhh, lol.

I want to do a speed cleaning marathon and have the house clean by midnight,  nice to have dreams huh? lol lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Eve night if I dont speak to you again this year.