hello my wonderful blog-family!

I just wanted to wish everyone a great 9hristmas eve night.

Its 6pm and I am running around trying to catch whatever stores I can catch open to start my christmas shopping, lol

Funny thing is for the last 2 weeks I would scream at hubs about how this year I WASN’T going to do that, since for the last 4 years we have done the running to catch them open game lol

My demands bit me on the butt because here I am on christmas eve doing it again. My poor kids are going to grow up thinking this is a family tradition, hahaha.

Regardless of what you celebrate, may you have a wonderful night,
Hugs always,

7 thoughts on “hello my wonderful blog-family!”

  1. ICLW….

    Do you really have 8 kids?

    Wowza. amazing!

    I wish you blessings today and for the new year….


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