So here I am, weeks later and finally have a chance to blog; or semi-blog since im SO tired 😉

As you guessed we’re in NY, been here for over 1 week and we are suffering with the time change lol. WOW! For someone who used to go to bed between 3-6am in California, it’s killing me. I end up going to sleep around 9am in Cali time ;/
For two days i have been making sure i wake up at 8 am (NY time) and stay awake without a nap. I also have been outside playing with the kids and taking them to the park. Trust me, we all need to submit to the time change lol. I have been worn out and by midnight i am starting to feel drained. Hoping sleep follows soon.

New York as expected is very different from San Diego, Ca. From the weather to the atmosphere its something that will take me a while to get used too. I miss MY San Diego, MY friends, MY Family, My world ;(
Everything is so foreign to me out here, the guy at the pizza shop said it will take me 3 months before i start to pick up the accent lol.

I miss you all, i miss reading blogs, and chatting up a storm with my friends; but hoping I will be back full time soon 😉