How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups

You’ve probably seen those awesome round up style posts that readers love to share. They usually feature a list of tutorials, recipes or hacks like: “Over 15 Star Wars Crafts, Snacks, and Activities”  or  “21 S’more Recipes” or  this great list of many Round Ups. Content like this does very well on Pinterest and Facebook. Have you ever wondered how to get your own How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups?  I regularly create these types of posts for clients or my own blog and I wanted to share some tips to get your amazing content out there.

How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups. This post will help you prepare your articles so they will stand out in round-up posts!


How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups

Offer Clear Information/Instructions

Make sure readers can follow your tutorial or recipe. Some of the best posts I’ve featured use a recipe plug-in, images for visual learners or create step-by-step instructions.

Many bloggers have worked years building up their reputation, so if they are willing to link to your post they want to make sure it upholds the quality their readers expect.

Use Beautiful Images

There’s something to be said for bloggers who take the time to produce beautiful pictures. Whether they shoot their own or purchase them from photographers, it shows a sense of pride for their brand. I have honestly filtered out blog posts that contained sub-par images.

If you give permission to other bloggers and content creators to use your images in a collage or in their post you get far more exposure. Wouldn’t you prefer to see your work featured front and center before they even read the round up post? Maybe it’s that one well-crafted image that draws the reader in.

This is my most popular round-up post


The Best 30 Mocktail Recipes Ever!
The Best 30 Mocktail Recipes Ever!


Connect with Other Bloggers

There are a few Facebook groups where you can post your links for others to use in their round up posts. I’ve used this platform many times to request links on specific topics. In fact, I recently requested links to posts specifically about The Ultimate Leftover Candy Recipe Collection!. The results were amazing! I was able to feature a great variety of bloggers.

Make Sure Your Site Loads Properly

Sounds like common sense right? I’ve been referred to posts where it takes too long to load or I get error messages. I definitely won’t refer anyone else there if I’m having trouble. So double check your posts before asking them to be featured.

Avoid Auto-Play Video Ads & Excessive Ads

It takes a good amount of time to put together an amazing round up post, so sifting through different posts can be tedious. There are times I have 15 – 20 tabs open to different blogs. I love that my browser tells me which sites are making all that noise because it’s the quickest way for me to click the X button.

Clean, well organized side bars are easy on the eyes. Some ads can be very distracting if it affects the flow of your article. Keep that in mind for all of your posts, not just the ones that you’d like to be featured in round ups.


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You put countless hours building your brand and blog, let’s get some eyes on them!

Follow these tips and give those content creators and other bloggers some content to feature in their next round up.


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How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups

How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups. This post will help you prepare your articles so they will stand out in round-up posts!
How to Get Your Posts Featured in Round Ups.