Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ok, where to start????
Again, it’s been a while, when I started this, I thought that I was going to have time to get on here everyday or so, boy was I wrong!!!
I hardly have time to do anything.
So much has happened since my last blog……
today we had a little cake and small celebration with our neighbors for Lil’ Lily’s 4th, and Baby Anthony’s 1st Birthdays. I will post pics as soon as I get them, my brother used his camera cause I can’t find mine.
Like always, i made the cakes, and if i say so myself, they were really cute, lol.
Baby Anthony is sick again, since he was so premature, he has a weak respiratory system, but he’s a fighter!!!!!
Halloween is coming, and we have had such a hard time trying to get costumes for all of the kids, but we’ll get it done, lol. The girls want to be snow princesses, and papa wants spiderman, lol, he finally likes real boy toys, ha ha ha. I think I am just going to make Anthony some funny costume from home. This is his 1st real halloween, since last year he was a couple of months old, and he was too preemie to take out in the cold.
I am exited about finally celebrating halloween with all of us, Will wasn’t here last year, he was in Iraq, so the kids are looking forward to Daddy going trick or treating with them.
Kiera is officially a cheerleader, thanks to Gramma Rose, she came up with the money for her enrollment, she will begin her practices this week, and her first game is next saturday. She had her uniform fitting on friday, and it was soooo cute.
Well i guess this is too much for now, i will try to keep up with this again.
love u guys,

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hi All,
Well 2 days in a row, I’m off to a continued streak, lol.

Well yesterday was a busy day. Will had duty, so he had to leave to work at 6 am. He was back at 8am, Thank God for shore duty, lol. He misses those overnight duty days he says, lol.
We all slept in late, we took the kids to a pumpkin patch event that our managment threw for the families.

It was soooo fun….. they had a costume contest, and the line was so long that by the time we got in, the contest had just ended, and when the judges saw our kids, she sayd that our kids won 1st place, even thought it was over, and went and got the prizes for our kids.

It was so cute, Anthony was a monkey, the girls were snow princesses, and Papa was a little spiderman with muscles, lol.

Tell me they weren’t cute!!!! lol
The kids got a free family pumpkin that Papa got to pick out, it was tiny, lol. they played free games and won candy. They made crafts, sand art, the kids loved it!!! Even Will was having fun making them.

well, I guess that’s all for today.

Sunday Oct. 29th, 2006
I know, I’m bad at keeping up with this…
Well on Saturday, Will finally cleaned the car!!!!!
Wow!!!! there were colonies living in there, lol.
Sunday we drove up to see Dad and Mom, Mom organized a little celebration for Papa’s birthday at church. They were having a Halloween event for the kids, and his birthday got mixed in with it, they had fun!!!!
His Birthday Cake Gramma got him!!
You like my muscles????
“Hmm, how can i get the girl 4 myself???”
“That’s right, I’m the kid, my chair, my girl”
“You better get away from my cake!!”
We got back home around midnightish, like always.
Tomorrow is Papa’s real birthday.

Monday Oct 30th, 2006

Today is Papa’s 3rd birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, he’s getting so big. We coincidentally drove by the hospital today, it was kinda weird and funny.
We didn’t have any money to do anything for him, so we went to a pumpkin patch, he won a little inflatable bat, and his daddy won him a little pony thing, with a stick on it, lol.
just exactly what he needed, lol
Ha ha haaa, he was so scared cause the pony made noises, lol.
We went and bought him a little set of cupcakes and we bought the pumpkins for tomorrow.
Lily was nice enough to switch her big bat for papa’s small bat.
they had a great time, they each won their own prizes.
On the way home, we decided to take Papa to denny’s for some ice cream, he loves it there, the nice manager that knows us VERY well, gave Papa and the kids a free huge hot fudge sundae, they loved it.
His very own Birthday Sundae….

Then Anthony decided he had to share….
Then it became a family affair, lol.
By the time we got home, it was too late to cut pumpkins or to eat cupcakes, so we sent them to bed, and said we would do it tomorrow.

Papa loved his birthday, even though he didn’t have a birthday party or big celebration, he enjoyed it sooo much.