I did it, I went .com ;)

After many many months of being afraid of taking the next step, I finally decided to go .com  So now We are

I am so excited!!!!

One day, when  I grow up, I want to switch over to WordPress, I love the way the set up is and the widgets, but for now, I am happy with  my own domain 😉

So PLEASe if you need to change the address on your readers or anything else, please do so, because I would hate to loose you 😉

Don’t forget to enter 
The Hampton Inn Hotel & Resorts Giveaway
Link here,

It ends on 8/25 and The Hampton Inn along with myself will be awarding 2 people a 1 night  stay at any of their resorts, and 1 person  will also win a King Size Bedding set from The Hampton Inn Store!!!!

10 thoughts on “I did it, I went .com ;)”

  1. Very cool! Have yet to do that, as I’
    m not sure what I want to do with this once we do adopt…but it’s so cheap I probably just should! LOL

  2. Yay, congrats. Everyone that has moved seems to be thrilled with their decision so I hope you are as well. I’ll change all of my links over 🙂

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