not that anyone missed me or anything, but i was gone since wednesday. we lost the internet connection.

i think we didn’t do anything, lol. well i did, i spent all day hoping that our paycheck would come in on friday. my friends came in tonight, but she had a different bank than we do. ours, since the 1st is on a monday, they will usually post i t on monday, lucky her, she got it 4 days early.

no, our check didn’t come in, so we will definetly be home all weekend. that stinks!!! so it’s cleaning all weekend.

we all woke up late, lol. typical saturday. the new neighbor kids start ringing the doorbell since 8am. agghhhhhhh!!!!
will made breakfast and the kids got dressed afterwards and went outside to play. will and i cleaned the house.
he cooked lunch and for dinner, he made pizzas and we watched resident evil: extinction.
it wasn’t as good as we had hoped, thoug lily was scared to go to bed.
ok so i laughed at her for it, and to my surprise, i was scared to go to sleep, lol. i wound up crying to will, lol.

against my wishes, we didn’t go to church today. will never set the alarm last night. so i woke up upset. he had already fed the kids breakfast when i woke up, sweet, but he did it so they can be out of his hair while he watches football, lol.
so against his wishes….. we cleaned house today again. 🙂
will made luch and dinner.