so today we had our first adventure with lily having her first day of school. it was emotional for me, lol.
afterwards, i dropped will of at work, and we had talked about today. we decided that since joshua was going to go with his dad for a 2 week vacation, will, josh, myself, and the 2 little boys would meet up for lunch. man was i in for a surprise.

i came home from dropping will off, and as i went to change papa’s diaper, i saw he had a big “owie”. i called will and told him i was taking papa to the hospital, and we weren’t going to meet up for lunch. he told me to call first. so after calling the hospital, they told me to wait a couple of hours, and if it didn’t start to get better, then to take him in to the clinic. so we decided to go have lunch with daddy to pass the time, papa wasn’t in pain so i thought it was ok.

we went to a old little hole in the wall that will’s friends had told him about, chinese food. we get there, and “man!” was it ever a hole in the wall spot, lol. it looked really old and like an abandoned restaurant, lol. we decided to stay anyways, lol. after we ordered we were sitting around and i told will to go outside to walk with us while our food was ready.

outside was a police S.U.V. it was so cool!!! i showed papa and took him to look at it. he wanted to touch and take a picture he said. so i had will go into the taco shop and ask the officer if we could take a picture of the boys with the truck. it looked cool, it was a 2007 something, lol. the officer said yes, and to my surprise he asked will if we wanted him to get up and show the boys in the truck. i felt special, lol. i told the officer to finish his food, and that we were eating nexdt door, if he could show us after he was done. he said he would love too.papa didn’t want anthony in the picture, lol
after we ate, we saw 5 poilce motorcycles pull up to join the other officers. these were 2007 BMW’s. can you say DOUBLE COOL?!?!?!?!

so one of the officers came and asked us if we wanted to sit the boys on the bikes for a picture. papa was so happy, but decided to stop smiling when i said look at the camera, lol. anthony was thrilled!!!!
papa and the cool bike he said he wanted to drive

anthony was saying “chuck e cheese!”

joshua said he was too old to take a pic on the bike, but agreed to take a pic anyways

after our fun time, i dropped will of at work and took papa to the clinic. after i told the nurse what was wrong, they told me to take him to the e.r, and that maybe he was going to have a drain done. (what was wrong you ask? a little too gross to describe, lol)
i called my friend mimi and asked her if she could please pick up and keep the girls because i was going to be a while. she said yes, she always does (thank you!!)
long story short, we were there from 12:30pm and left at 5:30pm. i was exahusted!!!!!!
finally they told me he had a yeast infection and since i had never seen one before, that it was ok to panic, they said what made it look worst, was that he had a small scratch on it, the liquids made it look more painful. sorry for the details, lol. they gave me his medicine and we were on our way home, just barely going to make it home before joshua’s dad shows up to pick him up.

ok so we were waiting for a long time, and papa was gettin bored, so he would ask people sitting around us “what happened to you” “why did you do that” “does it hurt?” “do you want a band aid?” lol it was cute, then finally after 2 hours they called us for his vitals. he says he wants to walk in like a big boy, lol. the nurse tells him she’s going to take his weight first. so papa starts…
“what’s that for?” what does that say? where does that go? what’s your name? why do your shoes have holes in it? why do you have clothes like my daddy?
the nurse was trying so hard not to laugh and to answer on time, lol. so she weighs him and more questions come… what is that for? can i push the button?
then she tells him she has to take his temperature. “it looks like a lollipop stick” “where’s the candy” so she tells him to put it under his toungue and the child is still trying to talk!! “it’s hard” “can i bite it?” no, you can take it out now “oh that was weird mommy”.
he’s looking at the numbers on the screen of the temp machine and he asks what the buttons are for, then he sees the start button, wich has the icon of a kid, so he says “oh wow, that’s my picture” “look mommy it took my picture too”
the next thing was the oxygen meter, it’s the thing that looks like a band aid and has a red light on it. “what is that for” to take your air, then she turns it on… “oh wow!! cool mommy look, it has a flashlight!!” “i’m spiderman” “can i take it home?” “mommy take a picture of it” i told him i didn’t have the camera, and he asked “where is it?” it’s in the car papa, “go get it mommy” it’s too far papa “mommy but this is cool!!”
finally we get to go sit in the waiting room, an hour later the other nurse calls us in for another interview. there goes papa… “what’s your name?” bill “im papa” “why do your shoes have holes in them?” the guy says so his feet wont be stinky, papa:“my feet are stinky” “why do you have a tattoo?” because i thought it was cool said the guy, “oh, i want a spiderman tattoo mommy so i can be cool” the guy couldn’t help but burst out laughing and pulled his sleves down. four nurses came in to meet papa cause they heard the chatter, lol, and no ne believed he was 3, they said he was tall enough to be 5. “i’m big because i’m going to play football when i grow up” lol
i never had such a fun hospital visit, lol.

poor joshua, he wound up having anthony with him almost the whole time we were in the hospital, he was having fun though, they were chasing in the e.r waiting room, playing in the waiting area, and running outside with a small ball. it was soo funny to watch them through the window. anthony was bossing joshua and took over his psp, lol; and everytime joshua would try to tak it anthony would say “no, top it shasha!” it was so cute! while they were outside, anthiny was being so silly, he would wait until there was a group of people coming towards him, and he would get in the middle of the way, and start dancing, lol. everyone would laugh, or he would go up to men, and would put up his fists like saying he wanted to box with them, lol. i wish i had my camera, but i left it in the car, i mean, who would have thought you would have picture ops in a hospital right???