When you are pregnant with a child, you may have dreamt of the things they would hopefully do someday. You have high hopes and aspirations for the successful life they would live. When you get a diagnosis, of really any medical disease or disorder, the shock may feel a crushing blow. Hearing that you have an autistic child is not easy for any parent.  There are some things, which may help you to remember, on the really tough days.

Autistic Child and Mom

  • You are not alone. There are so many moms who understand what it is like to have an autistic child. What one of the first things you can do that may help is to join a support group. It is amazing how hearing about other people, who have gone through it, can give you hope. You can get advice and see there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is tremendously helpful to have someone listen to you, who can comprehend on a deeper level what you are saying. They can also be an incredible help in finding resources you may need.
  • The way you are feeling right now is ok. Even though others have gone through something similar, you and what you are going through are completely exclusive. Every child with autism is unique, and some days you may feel frustrated and tired, and that is ok. There are ups and downs raising any child, remember that you are an incredible mom and just the mom your child needs.
  • Children are a blessing. They are not children for long. Every child impacts their family and their world. Try to enjoy the little moments every day, the successes that you achieve every day as you raise your child. Time goes by so fast, and it is easy to get swept up in the busyness of taking care of a family and home. Take time out to enjoy the journey.
  • You make the biggest difference. Your child will learn from you. You are the one who will help them achieve whatever it is they can. You are the one who is with them every day and you are so very important in their life. They need you, your love, care, and support, that means you are special.

No one can tell you exactly what your journey will be, but it is uniquely yours. Your autistic child is a special individual and you are an amazing mom. You are taking the time to research and learn what is best for your child and that means you are a really incredible mom.