Is there anything better in life than a large family? The pitter patters of feet every morning and just the joy of having multiple children is a huge blessing. I love having a large family and I know many friends and family do as well. However, in today’s world, there’s a misconception about having a large family. If you are struggling with raising your large family, check out these 6 tips for raising a large family.

Raising a Large Family

  • Simply is best: Just because you have a large family, it doesn’t mean your life needs to get more complicated. Keep things simple. Kids don’t need big expensive things; in fact, one of the most important things they need is your love.
  • Make large meals: It may take a while to get it down, but as your family grows, you’ll need to make bigger meals. Making larger meals may take some work, but you’ll get it down before you know it. Making enough food feed your family is probably one of the hardest things to get down, but once you do, it’ll be like riding a bike.
  • Invest in a larger vehicle: Unless you want to take two vehicles places, it’s important to invest in a larger vehicle. You may want to invest sooner rather than later. Luckily, in today’s market, there are tons of vehicles to choose from. If you decide you’re not a minivan type of family, you can still choose from an SUV or a Crossover.
  • Buy in bulk when possible: When you have a big family, it’s a guarantee that you will go through items quickly. You might as well get used to buying bulk. Everything from toilet paper to beans will need to be bought in bigger amounts. You will also come to find that buying in bulk is actually less expensive than buying in regular amounts. A nice perk to having a large family.
  • Make things last: A good motto to have in a large family is to make things last. It’s possible to make things last longer than they normally would. For example, if you have a vehicle, it’s much easier to take care of what you have rather than purchase a new one. Things seem to go bad faster when more people are using it, but it’s possible to make it last if everyone does their part in taking care of it.
  • Family rules are always welcome: Having a large family means your days can be chaotic and out of control from time to time. One of the best tips for raising a large family is to make sure there are rules for everyone to follow. When you have boundaries, your day goes much smoother for everyone.

Having a large family is more fun than you could ever imagine. Do you have any tips for raising a large family?