How to Stay Organized as a Large Family

Large families are a blessing, but they can have their challenges. When you have 8 people living under one roof, it can be challenging to stay organized. Here are some tips on how to stay organized as a large family that have helped me:

How to Stay Organized as a Large Family


  • Do Laundry Every day: Laundry can be a daunting task, but with 8 people in the house, it can pile up fast! Don’t try to get it all done at once and realize there will ALWAYS be laundry. Instead, focus on doing one load per day; wash, dry, and fold. This will help you stay organized and limit the tasks you need to do every day. This works for housework, too. If you keep up on a little bit every day, you can stay organized a lot easier.


  • Get Everyone Involved: If you have a large family, it is only fair to get some help. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, get the rest of the family involved. Choose one day per week to be the cleaning day, or use a chore chart so everyone has certain chores. This limits the amount you have to do and establishes a way for your family to participate in staying organized.


  • Use Bins and Labels: Let’s face it, with a large family you are going to have tons of stuff. An easy way to stay organized is to make use of plastic bins with lids. Here’s a tip, buy your bins right after Christmas. They may be green and red, but they go on clearance as a holiday item. Label your bins such as sheets for kids, winter clothes, or extra blankets. Bins can also be easily stacked in closets, in the basement, or in the garage as space savers.


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How to Stay Organized as a Large Family


  • Get Rid of Extras: A good rule of thumb for anyone in the house is to get rid of clothes you don’t wear and items you don’t use. If there is something that hasn’t been worn or used in 6 months or longer, get rid of it! The less you have in your house, the less clutter to clean up.


  • Use Wipes: Whether its Clorox wipes, baby wipes, or homemade cleaning wipes, you can keep up on a lot of your cleaning with a quick wipe through. Your counters, toilets, and sinks can get pretty tough to clean when you let them go all week. Keep some wipes on hand in these areas so as you walk into a room, you can do a quick wipe through.


  • Form Habits: One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to form habits with your kids. This may take a little work as a habit takes 21 days to break and 21 days to form. Instead of coats and book bags being tossed on the floor and toys left scattered around the house, encourage your children to put their items up right away. When they walk in the door, coats and book bags get hung up. When they play with a toy, it gets put away when they are done. The earlier you form these habits, the easier it will be.


  • Use a planner: I have been using a planner to help me stay organized and on schedule. It has worked wonders! I have a planner for our life. This includes every single thing about our entire Family. I have a planner for work/blog/social media. Everything from posts to shares goes into this planner. I have a planner for my purse, this little one contains the important things I must remember while I am out.

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How to Stay Organized as a Large Family.


Whether you have a small family or a large family, we all could use a little more organization in our lives. Take these organization tips and enjoy a happy home. They have helped me regain and keep some of the sanity I have lost and I hope they can help you as well. For more articles that have helped us find organization and functionality in our everyday lives, read these posts:

How to Stay Organized as a Large Family.

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