Ok, so picture this:
I LOVE purses!!!
I also have 6 +1 kids, and I carry my “stuff”, phone, camera, batteries, emergency crayons (yes I said it, lol), candy, headache medicine, and everything else I took away from the kids that week, I usually also carry their hand held video games…
It sounds like disaster right????
Let me tell you, it is!!!
As many moms know and women for that matter, a purse turns from a fashion statement to a carry-all-fit-all bag, lol.  I should know, I do that everyday.  
When I have to search in the rain for my car or house keys it gets me AND the kids upset, lol, they tell me I need to clean out my purse all the time, lol.  
The thing is, that I DO clean it out!!!
With so many kids and an always on the go lifestyle, some things are a have-to in my purse.
I had the opportunity to review a great product, it’s called Joey Junior Purse Organizer
My husband was laughinng at me at first, he said that I couldn’t help my purse out of the misery it lives in, πŸ˜‰
So I was excited to try out both sizes of their organizers… 
Yes, I took before and after pictures, lol.  Don’t judge my purse or you’ll hurt my feelings πŸ˜‰
Since the pictures I took were not of great quality, I will show you  pictures from Joey Junior Company…
Yes, this is what my purse looks like if you add candy, toys, crayons, and everything else I can find πŸ˜‰
and this is how clean my purse looked after wards, let me tell you, the difference is amazing!!!!
I am so glad I got to try the small Joey Junior purse organizer as well, so I got to see the difference in both, and let me tell you, IT WORKS!!!
My small purse was just as “crowded” as my other ones, and this is pretty much how it ended up πŸ˜‰

                                                  The small Joey purse organizer is great!!!

Let me explain a little more, I hate wallets!!! 
I can’t stand having to take out a wallet from my purse, have strangers look at what I have in my wallet, and run the possibility of also LOOSING the wallet, which if you ask my Hubby loosing and me go hand in hand, lol.
With the small Joey purse organizer, I was able to fit all of my children’s crayons, small pencils, gift cards, money, i.d’s, and business cards in the 4 pockets, as well as put my son’s and my bottles of medicine inside of the gap (under the pockets)
The before and after was amazing!!! 
It was so easy to go into the Military Base and not have to reach over, take out a wallet, and an i.d, I just reached into my purse and into the pocket and there it was, taa-dahhh!!! lol
 The Joey Junior purse organizers have really helped take chaos out of the equation, not only can I find things faster, but I no longer have to stand in the rain while I go on a hunting expedition for my keys πŸ˜‰
To share even greater news, Since I LOVE the Joey Junior purse organizers so much, they are joining my
Mother’s Day Gift Guide πŸ˜‰
Ok ok, so that news wasn’t enough for you yet?
Joey Junior Products company have agreed to give away one Joey Junior purse organizer to a lucky reader πŸ˜‰
Be on the lookout, Joey Junior product company also have some purse bling for us!!!

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