I have had a rough last week, my blog was in the group that was infected with malware though an ad, google blacklisted my site, a dear friend had complications with her cancer, another dear friend found out she had a lump in her thyroid, and to that goes the stress of
everyday life, money, relationships.

Needless to say I have been a bit down.

Today, I went outside with the kids, and a hummingbird came right by my face; I screamed thinking it was a bee!Β  The hummingbird kept flying around me, then would go have a snack in the flowers and would keep coming up to me!!!

I took as many pictures as I could, placing my camera right by it, and it would not go away!

One time it came up to look at my phone, I guess it was wondering what the clicking sound was (from my camera) and it flew in one spot, looking in my lens,; and even pecked or kissed it!

It flew away after staring at me for a few seconds, like saying “bye!”

I was SO happy, I remember my Grandma used to tell me that hummingbirds were good luck, meant love, and the best part was that she would tell me that if she could come back as an animal; it would be a hummingbird.

Now I’m not saying that it was my grandma (though part of me wishes to believe it), but I am saying that it made me smile, it made my heart SO happy.Β  I felt it in my spirit, I laughed out loud, I told the kids and showed them the pictures; it reminded me that no matter how bad my days are…

There is still beauty everywhere we look πŸ˜‰

Enjoy the beauty that I saw…

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