Have you been to Legoland?  If you haven’t I suggest you get right on it 😉  It has been our family’s favorite place to be on hot days, cloudy days, Holidays, and everyday in between!
As if Legoland wasn’t fun enough on it’s own, they added Star Wars Miniland, and a Water Park!!!!

During the Memorial Day weekend our Family was invited to the grand opening of Duplo’s Splash Zoo, along with The SDMomfia, other local Bloggers as well as Facebook fans who won tickets through their page. It was a perfect sunny day in San Diego!  The water was warm, and I even bought & wore a swimsuit for the 1st time in my entire life!!!  Sorry guys, no pictures; it’s not that kind of show, lol.

The new Duplo Splash zoo is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to go into the pools, and especially for the little ones who often play better with sprinklers 😉  If you thought you had seen cute Duplo animals in your kid’s toy bins, just imagine them in life size!
Of course my kids are older and though they did manage to play in the zoo section for a bit, they ran towards the major slides as soon as they heard the other kids scream!

This is my Family, AWESOME right?!

If you are in San Diego, Ca, or visiting this summer, you HAVE to go at least once, though in my “Mommy induced expertise” I can not possibly agree with just a one day’s visit!  There is SO much to do, to see, to ride, to EAT!!! 😉  Have you tried Granny Smith fried apples with cinnamon & sugar?!?!?!? YUM!!!

 And because I love to leave the best for last, Legoland has a “Return a 2nd day” tickets for JUST $10 EACH!!! That’s exactly why I do the happy dance for Legoland 😉 especially because one day is simply not long enough to enjoy EVERYTHING, including The SeaLife Aquarium next door 😉

After about an hour, I had to leave my camera in the locker and I was in the water all day long!!! We literally stayed until the park closed and were the last family out of the water park, you try wrangling 6 kids! 😉

Everyday we spend in Legoland is full of beautiful new memories that we will treasure forever, some on camera, some on phone, but all in our hearts 😉

We received tickets from Legoland to attend the grand opening, but all opinions, feelings and heartfelt love for all things Legoland Ca are my own 😉