My Husband Doesn’t Always Feel He Is “Doin’ Good”. Truth Is: He Is Amazing!

My Husband Doesn’t Always Feel He Is “Doin’ Good”. Truth Is: He Is Amazing!

My Husband Doesn’t Always Feel He Is “Doin’ Good”. Truth Is: He Is Amazing!  I know first hand what it feels like when you think you are not “Doin’ Good” as a parent.  As a Mom of 6, it’s something that I battle with often; but I see that my Husband also has that problem; or fear. In his eyes, because we live paycheck to paycheck at times, it’s a reflection of him not doing his best for us.  Truth of the matter is, he does an amazing job!

My Husband Doesn't Always Feel He Is "Doin' Good". Truth Is: He Is Amazing!

My Husband Doesn’t Always Feel He Is “Doin’ Good”. Truth Is: He Is Amazing!


Parents are doing better than they think!
These days, the demands and pressures of everyday life are very high. Keeping up with a job, a home and everything else that goes on in life can leave parents feeling imperfect – like they can’t be the mom or dad they want to be. But the truth is, most parents are doing much better than they think.

When we met, we each had a child, and in the span of 16 years of Marriage:
We have had a total of 6 kids, 15 years in the US Navy, and 6 Deployments. Helping take care of the kids and I when I was in and out of the hospitals for multiple medical emergencies or bed-rest.  To be honest, life came at us very fast,  and it has definitely been a non-stop adventure.

We knew each other for two months before we were married, his first deployment came two months after, and during his deployment, we found out we were pregnant with our first child together.  We have had many ups and downs, but it’s what has shaped our entire Family.  It’s been a wonderful story-in-the-making.


My Husband Doesn’t Always Feel He Is “Doin’ Good”. Truth Is: He Is Amazing!


My Husband has been medically retired from the Navy for 4 years now due to severe PTSD, and though that was one of the hardest hits he ever took, he picked himself back up and got a job.  He has had the same job for the 4 years we have lived here in New York, and he has done a great job of always providing for our Family.  If you ask him how he is doing as a Father, he always answers in a similar way: “I’m not doing as good as I should”, “I could be doing better”, “I wish I could be doing better”.  Same pattern, he just doesn’t feel he is doing his best.

Now, if you ask me, the kids, and anyone who knows him; we all say the same thing.  He is a great Father and Husband.
This is a guy that became a Father to my 4-year-old son from the instant he met him, has loved him unconditionally. He has gone on 6 Deployments, and has always made sure we were taken care of.  During my many long stays in the hospitals, he has not only continued to go to work, but he has also wrangled all 6 of the kids on his own. As my health continues to go downhill, he may mumble at times (because no one is perfect), but he still always takes care of me. He comes home from work, he cooks dinner every night for our Family, and he also does laundry.  He continues to give me little gifts, surprises me with my favorite desserts, and still does not feel he is doing a great job.  #SomePeopleAreJustHardHeaded

My Husband Doesn't Always Feel He Is "Doin' Good". Truth Is: He Is Amazing!

This last October, our Family suffered a horrible week, on Tuesday the kids and I were in a horrible car crash (liability only, so our car was totaled), Wednesday our house was broken into and everything from my home office and online store were stolen (no renter’s insurance), and on Friday our house (rental) caught on fire (no renter’s insurance).  In a span of 4 days, we literally lost every material possession we owned.  This Man was our Rock, though I saw him break down when he thought I was asleep.  He supported us, encouraged us, and carried us through all of this.  When we got to move back into the rental, we had nothing, he supported me in my decision to go back to work after 16 years. He heard my crying everyday about how much I hated being away from the kids, he supported me and told me to quit. After a lot of thinking about it, I made the decision to quit and pursue my Blogging full-time again, he supported me 100% and cheered me on.  He continues to help me, the kids, and everyone; at the drop of a dime.

So, this Father’s day post, I am dedicating to a great guy, an awesome friend, a wonderful Husband, an amazing Father; William A.

My Husband Doesn't Always Feel He Is "Doin' Good". Truth Is: He Is Amazing!
For our 16 yr anniversary, he took the entire Family out to dinner & a movie, because he knows it’s what we ALL love to do 😉


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  1. Our friend works hard to support his family, but also finds time to go to most of his kids’ events and is a great role model.

  2. My older brother who is currently a Dad of one but expecting a second is #Doingood. I think he is an amazing Father to his daughter and will be a great Father to this new baby as well. He is very hands on, loves spending time with his family and loves being a Dad.

  3. I know someone who lost his wife young to cancer, and he is raising two children. He’s always posting on facebook, so I see all the great things he is doing with them, I don’t think he realizes how good a job he is doing.

  4. My son in law is doing a great job with my 2 grandsons. He works hard long days working but always finds time for them.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  5. My brother is doing a way better job as a dad then he thinks. He works really hard and always makes sure to make time for his kids.

  6. My husband is a wonderful father to our two sons. He is a hard worker to provide for our family. Every evening is spent as a family. He is so patient and caring toward our kids. He is very deserving of a wonderful gift this Father’s Day.

  7. My brother-in-law is doing a great job as a dad. He works hard and provides for his family. My little niece just loves her dad.

  8. My husband is doing a good job. He works a lot of hours but still spends plenty of quality time with our kids.

  9. My husband is doing a great job as a dad. He works hard and spends all his free time with our kids

  10. My Dad did a great job in being the sole provider for a family of eight when I was growing up. He went to work every day and helped us with whatever we needed. I have always told him thank you so much for what he has done for me, and thank him for all of his support and love over the years. My Dad is 84 years old!

  11. I must tell you about my son who has no children of his own but stood up to be the father of his girlfriends (soon to be wife) son. He does a great job makes sure all needs are met and is a dad to this young man

  12. My oldest Son is Diving a medical truck and has two sons his wife he has just learned is hooked on pain pills and he is working so hard and she gets into his money but he keeps on working and spending every hour he is home with his sons and he is the best Dad ever and he doesn’t realize he is such a good Daddy

  13. My brother in law is a better parent than he thinks. He is always looking out for the kids

  14. My friend Brandon is doing a great job as a Dad to not only his adopted 5 year old daughter, but his biological 18 month old daughter as well. The adopted daughter knows she is adopted (it is his niece, his sister-in-law died while she was an infant and he and his wife have been raising her since she was 10 months old) but he does not treat her any differently. Both girls are happy and healthy and know that they are loved.

  15. My dad is doing amazing – we lost my mom/his wife 3 years ago and he’s been doing very well with all of it.

  16. My husband is an amazing person. He’s in the Navy, so we get to follow along on some of his adventures. He somehow finds a way to not only do well at his job, but he’s been a full-time student since 2004, finishing up several degrees, pastored a church, coached softball, and been an amazing dad to his six kids. Soon he’ll be starting a new adventure….stay tuned for developments!!

  17. i have a good friend who is doing a great job at being a parent but doesn’t give herself enough credit. you have a lovely family! thanks for the giveaway!

  18. My husband! We are expecting our first, and he is doing such an amazing jobpreparingfor fatherhood.

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