My #LifeOnFiOS is so much easier with Quantum Internet…
Without giving away my age, I am going to tell you that my first memories of using the internet included the now prehistoric dial-up.  Something that my children will never know the sounds of, I clearly remember the never-ending minutes I had to wait for a video to finish buffering.  It’s stuff of Halloween stories!


Fast forward to my adult life, a life as a Military Family; a life as an always moving Military Family… of 8!family-pic
When I was a “newlywed” and a “Mommy of littles with a Husband always seeming to be Deployed”, I felt alone.  Not just physically alone from my Husband, but alone in the world.  I had preemies, special needs babies and no one in the world I could talk to.
One day, after I had carried the huge monitor and modem to my dining room table, so I could plug it into our very short phone line; I was having one of those “sad” days.  Searching the internet I found a blog article about a Military Family with an autistic son.
Bingo!  That post sounded like one of my days, I continued to read all the blog posts for the next two days.
After I was done, I found links to other blogs on the sidebar.
This was a world I had never before seen!


As I read more, I found links and articles on how to start your own blog.  I started one, the name came to me faster than my dial-up.
I was calling it “Adventures of a Military Family”
I didn’t have followers, friends to share my new blog with, or even Family members that I thought would care about it.  I didn’t care, it helped me.  It was my diary, it was my way to let things out, to share the beautiful and sad things that my kids and I went through; even if it was only me reading it.  After about a week, I got one follower, then more came and they had comments.  Comments of “I understand”, “I am going through the same thing”, “I thought I was the only one”.
It was with those comments, that I KNEW I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only one going through this and that, I wasn’t the only one who had 4-6 little kids and a Deployed husband, I wasn’t the only one who had a special needs son and felt like the world didn’t understand; I wasn’t alone.babyI found my world, I found where I belonged, I found a place in the world where not only could I share what I went through but I could also share what I learned along the way.  With that of course came using the internet.  Dial-up was my only way of connecting with the world, it was also shared with a phone line that I needed open at all times because I had a Husband who was Deployed and could call any minute; or I could miss a call that he was hurt.  The stress of what calls I was missing brought on my NEED for a different way to connect.
With that also came the limited choices we had as we lived in Military Housing and only certain providers were allowed to enter.  Since my beginning I have used many providers, many ways to “connect”, many “new and faster” connections.  As my children and my “tech usage” have both grown, so has our need for faster and better ways to use the internet; AND watch television as well.
We have 6 kids, a Husband who not only is a total sports fan but also an I.T. (computer guy in my language), so we have really been unhappy with our internet for a long time… we HAD been until we made the best switch ever.  We switched to Verizon FiOS!


With Verizon FiOS Quantum Internet, we have their new speed match; it means that you get the same upload speed as your download speed!
quantum internet
No more uploading for hours for a few videos.  Verizon FiOS also has many ways to help not only with faster speeds, but also with tools that will help improve your connectivity on your computer.  One of them is the FiOS Optimizer Tool  (Recommended).  It DOES make changes to your computer, BUT it’s only to help you. 
These are my before and after numbers:

speed match

I have to make a few changes still, but going from 38 to 58 mbps is a BIG difference.  For a household with 6 kids who are often on electronic devices, my 4 laptops, my husband’s 2 laptops, and my 3 tablets; this speed upgrade does make a big difference.

As a Verizon FiOS #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador, I will be often posting about ways that Verizon has/is helping make our lives easier; and ways it can help make YOUR life easier as well.  From helping calm my son (who has autism) during a hectic day by giving him some t.v. time from the Verizon FiOS app from anywhere we may be, to letting an entire Family record over 10 shows at once so we can ALL watch what we want to watch without having to worry about cancelling someone else’s recording; to also earning rewards!
If you haven’t signed up yet, give it a shot!  There’s no better service/plan than this in my opinion!

Check out how easy it is to switch to Verizon FiOS, and get My Rewards+ points for signing up. Just click the link and use the referral code:

Verizon DOES help make my #LifeOnFiOS so much easier and lets me have more time to live my life OFFLINE!