Malware vs Precious Memories #LifeOnFiOS
I lost, but you can prevent that.  Please do something to prevent that!  I didn’t and I lost EVERYTHING on my cell phone and my laptop from Malware.  I also lost my cell phone AND laptop!  Below is what happened to me, my personal story of what happened this week.  If you have ever thought about backing up your phone and decided to do it later, thought about backing up the items on your computer?  I thought about doing that a lot, but with daily life I always choose to leave it for later.

A few weeks ago, I was upgrading my internet to Quantum FiOS Internet, and I saw some packages that they offer for internet safety on your phones, computers, and back up options.  I thought about getting one of the packages, honestly they are NOT costly at all; but I thought I’d just go back to that later.  Days kept passing and not a day would go by that I wouldn’t think about ordering the Safety Package, but I kept saying…
“I’ll do it later”

Malware vs Precious Memories #LifeOnFiOS

On Wednesday I had my cell phone plugged into my computer, I was charging it and using it at the same time.  Suddenly my phone started showing a lot of flashing screens and went black.  I thought it was powering down because of the battery so I tried to turn it back on.  My laptop went black and powered down as well.  I thought nothing of it and went to turn it on again.  I would show you a picture of the messages on the screens, but I had no other devices to take pictures with ;/.

Have you ever had the “blue screen of death” on your computer?  I have, many times on many different computers (because I never learned my lesson and would turn off anti-virus programs).  This one was different, apparently I discovered the “black screen of death”
The phone and computer wouldn’t fully turn on, all I had on both was a black screen.

After many attempts from my “google” friend, and a techie (I.T.) Husband, the diagnosis is malware.  The laptop has a corrupted hard drive, and the cell phone in “my” language? Is “no-more”  Seems since I was using both at the same time, I had an open and live connection between both. I was also on a mi-fi when I was working, so what came in through my phone, moved into my laptop and had babies lol.

Malware vs Precious Memories #LifeOnFiOS

Moral of the story?
Always make sure you back up your devices.  schedule it during your sleep time if that’s better for you, but please do it.  I lost thousands of memories on each device, as I have on many other devices that I have lost/gotten stolen/infected.  Memories of my kids that I will never get back, it’s truly heartbreaking.
Malware vs Precious Memories #LifeOnFiOS

Are you a Verizon FiOS member?
If you are not, I am not going to pick on you; I still love you!
I have tried many different providers (as you can read about it here), but none ever gave me ALL of the services and quality that Verizon does.  I am not saying this because I am getting paid for this post, because I am not.  No one asked me to write this post.  I am simply writing this post because I felt it was VERY important to share with my readers what mistake I made.  It is a mistake that cost me so much, and if I can help ONE person avoid this; then I have done something good.

If you are not a member of Verizon and want to be, you should sign-up; from Amazon gc’s as rewards, to quantum speed internet, to having the amazing ability to record up to 12 shows at once…
The benefits are unlimited!