My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt

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My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt

As a Mom of 6 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 bunny, and 2 turtles; fashion is something that eludes my daily life. If it’s sweats , jeans or sweatshirts, it’s on me and let’s not get too detailed about the hair; ponytail is my style of choice & necessity.
Last month I found out I was going to be styled and walk the red carpet for the Tecla Awards during Hispanicize.
My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt
I had always wanted to attend Hispanicize and even more so, the amazing Tecla Awards; and now I had a chance to attend it in style.

My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt

I received a questionnaire from my stylist, asking me about my favorite styles and colors, and of course I was the difficult one who gave her paragraphs of information. I explained my major and minor insecurities and the reasons for not wanting to wear certain things. I did not expect to find something that I absolutely loved, and was afraid that I would end up crying from frustration. The day before I flew out to Miami, I visited my local JcPenney and tried on many dresses, styles long and short, and to my huge surprise I found several that I loved. Loved them enough that I purchased them as my wardrobe during Hispanicize. I also found my dream red carpet dress and to my Husband’s surprise, I was in love. I wrote down the sku number, took pictures of the tags and dress and I emailed them to my stylist, I just had to have this dress.

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After trying on several dresses that my stylist picked out for me, she noticed that I didn’t have “that smile”, and she asked me if I wanted to try and find the dress I found in NY. After a sad trip around the store, we were told that the dress was not there, and as I am entering my dressing room to try on a second set of dresses, The beautiful Monique from Curves and Chaos was wearing the dress I loved! I might have accidentally screamed “that’s it, that’s my dress!!!”. Without a thought in the world she told me to wear it, and though I asked about a million times if she was sure, she smiled and said she knew that was “my dream dress” and she wanted me to wear it.
It was comfortable, it was flared and pleated, and it was perfect!
It made me feel so confident and comfortable, something I never felt before while trying on dresses.

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After the dress came the shoes and the earrings and then it was time to go from drab to fab!
We headed over to the JcPenney salon to do my hair, and then we headed to Sephora for our make-up!

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Β The entire day was amazing, from the helpful tips the stylist gave me, to the hair compliments & tips from the staff at the hair salon, to the patience and helpful smile of the make-up artist at Sephora who helped calm me down as I was afraid of wearing too much make-up. Thank you so much to Meesh from Healthy Fat Chick and Claudia from Cafe con Claudia for not only being so sweet and helpful, but for being so encouraging and supportive; I truly appreciate you both!
We swiftly headed to my hotel room to get dressed and headed down for our chariot to take us to the Tecla awards.
Thank you to Mayrah from Coupon Mamacita and Deidre from Frugal Flirty n Fabus, for walking the red carpet and taking a picture with me!

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The top 3 things I learned during my styling event:

  1. Comfort, comfort, comfort!
    If you are not comfortable in the outfit you chose, you will be so busy in trying to tuck this in, or lift that up; it’s always best to be able to be yourself and enjoy your event!
  2. Red Carpet Glam doesn’t have to break the bank!
    It’s not about having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get the best look, and I am glad that my JcPenney stylist showed me the light. JcPenney always has sales, and coupons off of their already low prices. I found my gorgeous shoes on the clearance rack for $40.99 and they were on sale on top of that; they rang up for $19 and change! The Salon which I thought was going to charge me an arm and a leg due to my extremely long hair was extremely reasonable and the make-up session at Sephora is always a treat!
    My entire look from head to toe was less than $149!
  3. Confidence is key!
    The biggest thing I learned during the styling event, was that confidence is key. The minute I tried on the dress that made me feel comfortable, I FELT CONFIDENT! It made me feel like I could in fact walk the red carpet and look good in what I was wearing.


My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt

My Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney #SoWorthIt

Thank you to all of the beautiful Ladies that helped me feel beautiful, and to the JcPenney team for making this a day to remember!


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  1. What an amazing experience. You look amazing. I love JC Penney! I shop there all the time πŸ™‚

  2. That dress! It is so glamorous. Your hair looks amazing. Did you feel like a princess?

  3. So awesome that you got to attend the Tecla Awards Red Carpet Makeover by JcPenney! The dress colors and designs you had look great! JcPenny is affordable. We shop there when we can, as they also have good quality clothing and accessories.

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  6. You look so gorgeous and I love the dress and heels. Just $19?! Score! Sounds like such a fun event, too.

  7. I totally love that dress! This would definitely be a dress I would pick out myself as I love that halter top look! It’s so elegant and sleek looking and I am with you, I hate clothes that do not fit in the right spot, that are too tight and if I’m uncomfortable, I will be miserable! You look stunning!

  8. The dress is absolutely stunning! It something I would have also shouted that is my dress to lol. You looked like you belong on the red carpet Lily! I see the confidence oozing out of you from over here!

  9. I think you picked the perfect dress! And your stylist was right in that you need that smile when you find your dress. This all brought back memories of trying on wedding dresses and when I found the ONE and how good I felt in it!

  10. So important to treat yourself to events like this occasionally. So fabulous you were able to do it without breaking the bank, too!

  11. Beautiful you! How lucky to have the chance to have a makeover. The dress you chose was classy yet sexy. They did a wonderful job with your hair and make-up. You hubby had to have thought “Yep, she’s with me!”

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  15. You look fabulous! I do know how you feel about #1. COMFORT is key when you’re trying stepping out of a box. If you’re not comfortable in your skin, then you’re going to be trying to find all the small things wrong with you. However honey, you worked that red carpet!

  16. I agree, its all about comfort! I am happy you were able to find the dress that made you feel comfortable and yet oh so classy! I can’t believe you were able to get red-carpet ready for $149 only! Wow!

  17. This looks like a wonderful experience! Nothing wrong with letting others pamper and spoil you. The dress is beautiful and everything looks like it came together nicely! Thank you for sharing!

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  20. My hometown! I hope you had a great time in Miami and you got some time to explore. I am glad you had an amazing day at the event. I love the dress you chose. The pleated looks so nice and lengthening!

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