November 18, 2006

Well today was a full day!!!!

Last night I was up until almost midnight doing Kiera’s hair, she had cheerleading pictures today.
man, those were expensive, we wrote a check, I hope it goes through.
Her pictures were at 9:30am, We were there since 9am, it was sooo hot today!!!!!! It was already 10:30am and the pictures were still not taken.

At the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm, since it was free for all of us to go, through the veterans/military special they have until the 23rd.

Of course, like always, we got there late, around 1:30pm, it was hot, and very crowded. Each line for the rides was almost an hour or more each, needless to say, we never left the snoopy camp area (childrens section) poor Joshua, he was stuck in the little kids section all day with us.

Despite all of the loooong lines, the kids had a great time, we had a few dollars to play a couple of games each, Kiera was the big prize winner!!!!!!

She went on the Jacob’s ladder, and she won the grand prize. we took pics, she was so proud and exited, Lily won a big bear also, but no where near the size of the other one, lol. Even Anthony got to go on one ride, the rest of the day he was on the stroller.

We never have money or time, but mostly money, lol…to be able to go anywhere, so we all enjoyed this very much!!!!!!
November 19, 2006

Well today we all wanted to sleep in late, we didn’t get in until after 1am, but I had to get up early and do Lily’s hair for today.

Thanks to the military housing where we live, I entered a lottery drawing, and won a set of family holiday pictures, taken by a professional photographer.

I did Lily’s hair, and we left, it was nice, a park on the harbor. While we waited for our turn, I decided to be the photographer i wanted to be, and I took my own set of pictures….