Once a month our Family has a special backyard dinner on the grill.  We light the torches on the deck, and enjoy the beautiful view of San Diego at night time.  With such a large Family and all of us having different schedules, we rarely have time to sit and eat as a Family.  This weekend was very hectic, so our Family’s grill dinner was the perfect thing for us to enjoy each others company and have some good food.

The day was a typical San Diego sunny day, so this is what the kids did:

Everyone out of the pool and hungry so we begin to talk about our ingridients.  The kids shouted for steak and corn on the cob, so off to shop we went.

I usually shop at different stores for the dinner supplies, but today’s shop was all going to be done in one place, Ralphs.  I know that some of you make shopping lists, and for the most generic nolvadex buy part I do too, but never for our “special grill dinner”  We never know what we feel like eating until that night, so we go to the store and figure it out there.

The shopping trip is always an adventure for us, just think of the amount of kids we have with us.  Shopping at Ralphs is easy, it’s quick, and painless, we shop mostly for the Kroger brand (which is Ralphs brand) because it’s cheaper than most, and the quality and taste is great!

I put together a whrrl story so you could join us for our special Family grill night,

More check-ins at Ralphs
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We enjoyed our steaks, the tri tip was SO tender!!! 
The sweet corn was exactly that, sweet corn!
If you ask me, it was a great night, delicious food, and the fact that we got to spend a night together, talking, and looking at our beautiful San Diego skyline…
Smore’s were the perfect ending to our night!!!