I had a sick little bear this weekend, and the it ran through the beginning of the School week.

 Though it’s terrible to see my babies sick, it’s something I am very used too.   All of my babies have been born prematurely, from 22-29 weeks premature, and have come with a full package of low immune system bumps in the road, so they get sick a lot. 

Having Pedialyte has literally been a lifesaver in our Family many times.  My babies have gotten severely dehydrated and hospitalized from different illnesses, and Pedialyte has been the only thing that they have been able to have for days at a time, to replenish their lost electrolytes. I am not trying to sound like a commercial, I am just sharing with you our Family’s journeys and experiences with Pedialyte. 

As the years have passed, Pedialyte has not changed much in flavor, but the way we can buy it certainly has changed, and for the better.  They have gone from:

The full size bottle
singles bottles
Freeze pops
The ECO-Friendly Powder packets!!
And now the NEW Pedialyte Singles in Tetra Paks
This has been the best idea yet!
These singles have an 18 month shelf life and are small enough for little hands to grip all the way around!!

The flavors are Apple, Cherry, and Fruit Flavor! 😉

My baby spent these last few days in bed and with a bucket if you know what I mean, without giving you further descriptions, and as I have been doing for years, I only give my Children a brand that I trust, nothing less.
Now my baby is better, returning to school tomorrow and hopefully our Family will be back to normal this weekend…
This is how this California Family rolls! 😉

Want more good news?!
Abbott Nutrition has given us a link for $1.50 OFF coupon!


Want to see my Whrrl story about the New Pedialyte Singles?
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