So it’s 4am and I’m supposed to be asleep, not for any regular night full of rest; but for my 7am surgery appointment.   Yet, I can’t sleep, not even the valium that was prescribed has knocked me out, lol.  I have too many things to do and to think of before I am consumed with pain for days, without even the slightest “want” to be social… then again, I am such a chatterbox that I might be back tonight ;D
If you want a quick update on why I’m having surgery, read my post here, nerve wrecking to say the least right?!?!  Who do you know that has ever practiced smiling?!?!? 😉

So I wrote a post about breaking my blog, and I spent over 15 hours on it, trying to revive it; I gave up, lol.  I went back to my old template until I can figure this thing out.  I was very excited about how much I was actually able to learn and do on my own, but 3 codes are the ones who took me down, lol.

So by the time you read this, I will be in surgery or in recovery; it all depends on what time you decide to get up!!!! 😉  I will try to get on here and let y’all know I made it out fine, but if I am not able too, just know that I did 😉

Before I run, please ask me for an invite to Triberr if you would like to join my groups, I have one for Military Families (posts need not be about Military), I am just creating a support group for us 😉
One group is for word of moms, and the third group is still a blank, I wasn’t sure if I had enough people who wanted to join a group dedicated to a specific topic, like special needs, coupons, reviews; you get it right?  email me at militaryfamof8 at yahoo dot com or send me a dm on twitter at and I will get it out as soon as I can 😉

Have a wonderful week!!!