Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth

Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth

When my oldest son was a baby, I was one of those panicked new moms that worried about every little, tiny thing. The baby hasn’t pooped in the past hour, maybe he is constipated or what if it’s something worse? The baby sneezed twice, oh no, he’s sick, should I take him to the ER? Yes, I was that bad! I wish I knew how us Parents can learn about Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth.




Learn about Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth


There are times that worrying was really a good thing because there was so much I didn’t know and I wanted to learn everything there was to know about being a mom and having a baby.  Those 2 sneezes really happened, followed by a trip to the pediatric emergency room, where after a few hours of waiting I was told by a doctor that it was nothing to worry about, my baby just sneezed. Lol, no cold, no flu, no pneumonia – just a couple of sneezes. I was relieved and a little embarrassed but it was a learning experience because that doctor took the time to educate me about RSV.



Fast forward to my youngest Baby. He was born at 22 weeks!  Yes, 22 weeks, he was less than 3 pounds, and we he lived in the NICU for months. Ever since he came home from the hospital, I was always an overprotective Mommy. I wouldn’t bring him around sick people, I always bundled him up, all because we knew he had a compromised immune system and he was easily susceptible to catching more viruses than an average child.  Well, it turns out that in fact one can never be too careful, and my baby got sick. At first I thought it was a regular cold, then it got worst, the trouble he was having while he breathed was so scary. We rushed him to the E.R. and low and behold; he had RSV. He was admitted to the PICU and he stayed there for many (seemed like weeks) days.



I wish I knew more about protecting my Baby from this disease, these days, there’s a lot more information out there to help take extra precautions and preventive measures to keep baby safe and healthy. Did you know that RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization for babies in their first year of life? RSV or Respiratory Syncical Virus is a common seasonal virus that spreads between November and March. RSV Awareness month is in October and it is a perfect time to get educated about RSV and severe RSV disease.

As much as we do to protect our babies we can sometimes forget that our immune systems can protect us from some viruses that could make newborns seriously ill and a newborn baby’s little lungs are very susceptible to respiratory viruses. Premature babies are particularly at risk for developing severe RSV disease due to their underdeveloped lungs. is a great site that educates parents on how to minimize risk factors. It’s helping to prevent RSV from impacting families by teaching us how we can protect those little lungs. There are simple things that we can do like:

  • – Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your baby, and ask others to do the same. This is something everyone should do!
  • – Don’t let anyone smoke in your home or anywhere near your baby! Tobacco smoke is bad for everyone but especially for a baby’s delicate lungs.
  • – Keep your baby away from crowds and young children. This helps by avoiding exposure to a ton of germs.
  • If you know someone has a cold, keep your baby away from them.



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Be sure to visit to learn more about RSV disease and for more tips on keeping your baby healthy this RSV season!


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Learn about Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth


20 thoughts on “Protecting Little Lungs From RSV #RSVAwarenessMonth”

  1. So important to have this information! you just never know. Those little bodies are so fragile when they are that tiny.

  2. It is so scary how delicate little ones are. I don’t have children but if I did I know I would be just like you. Heck I run my dog to the vet everytime he feels sick!

  3. Oh my gosh, I think I would be a total wreck if I had a baby. I would definitely be the one to rush to the ER if there was just a little sneeze. Glad your little one is doing well after going through so much early on.

  4. Love the informative post. RSV is so common but it doesn’t have to be, I plan to be more aware around my youngest friends!

  5. When I was ready to give birth last summer this is something I stressed over so much. It’s so important for us to protect our littlest precious ones however we can!

  6. I appreciate websites like this because they really help new parents take better care of their babies. It’s not easy taking care of a life, especially since they rely on you so much during the first years. Having a place where you can learn more about parenting and keeping you and your child healthy is great.

  7. I used to worry all the time as well when the twins were born. It’s already crazy to handle one baby, what more if you have two. I always worried about not being able to give both of them the attention and care that they both need because I’d have to split my time in two. I think a site like this will really help parents of newborns.

  8. I never could understand how people can smoke around young babies. Their new lungs are still growing, and commonsense tells you that tobacco and smoke can harm them. RSV is new to me, so I learned something new.

  9. RSV is so common and so dangerous. That was our biggest fear with Tristan. Luckily, he never contracted it but a few of his NICU roomies did and it was a tough road. I can’t tell you how much this post is going to help someone.


  10. Taking care of the newborn is not easy. Because you’re a newbie mom. We need to learn more about how to take care of our children. I’m glad to have such a website. It makes our savior.

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  12. my babies all were in the nicu and all had rsv at some point, it’s so important for other people to learn what they can so they can take precautions. Thank you,

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