If I had to categorize one store under “sharing & caring” it would definitely be Smart & Final.  As I have made it very clear before, I LOVE the Smart & Final stores.  Not only the stores, but what they do and stand for, at least in my eyes.  Smart & Final graciously offered to host a Thanksgiving dinner for 25+ Service members at my house, they provided me with the gift card and spirits to put it all together.
  Yes, I am disgustingly behind on that post, but a few of our guests were deployed and I was waiting on their pictures. 

Once again Smart & Final has stepped up to help Families, and they offered a few of us #SFSmarties a gift card so we could put together a basket for someone in our lives who needs a little extra help.  A chance to give back to someone else who needs it, awesome!!!

We knew exactly who we were going to shop for as well.  We know this lady who is a single mother of 4, she struggles to make ends meet as many of us during these hard times.  She’s having a hard enough time getting funds together to give her children a Christmas, that I thought it would be perfect if we surprised her with the Christmas dinner šŸ˜‰  In trying to keep it a surprise, I asked her and the kids what would their perfect Christmas dinner be, between the mom and kids it came buy clomiphene citrate canada down to a home cooked rotisserie chicken with carrots, red potatoes, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, corn, sweet corn bread, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and capri suns.  Neither the Mom nor the kids like turkey, so the chicken made perfect sense.  Off to Smart & Final we went, our kids knew what we were up too, and they were excited to play secret Santa for a Family that needed it.

The shop was fast, the associates as always know our kids by first names and are always friendly.  Each kid had an item or two to bring back to the cart, and they knew exactly where to go, they knew who to ask as well.  We all met up at the register and this was our cart:

We got ALL of this for $25!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Smart & Final’s low prices and caring spirit, we are giving one Family an entire Christmas dinner for $25!!!
If you don’t call that AWESOME-SAUCE, then you don’t know what awesome-sauce is šŸ˜‰

We put all the items in a box, left it by their front door and left.  We didn’t ring the doorbell because we didn’t want them to see us leaving.  The kids wrote a note, it said

“From Santa, enjoy your Christmas”

Thank you to Smart & Final and Collective Bias for giving me the gift card to make a Family’s Christmas dinner possible, ideas and opinions are my own. 

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