yes i said shingles, after the kids and i got home from getting soaked on the walk home from school, we started hearing this loud scary noise on top of the house while it started to rain harder, and i looked and looked until i found what it was…………

we went to the back yard and you can see the wind and the shingles flying

well it’s now 920pm, i have the kids in bed already, they had dinner.
because of the weather and us getting wet and stuff, i thought that a nice home made chicken soup for dinner would feel great.
the kids loved it, and went to bed with buy klonopin online australia full tummies since i put a side of rice with it like my mexican family does 😉

its still raining and the wind is still blowing hard, i see the palm trees bend over, on and off i still hear a shingle here and there go off of the roof.
im scared to be home alone with the kids during a storm, i am afraid of thunder, lol, and i am terrified of the dark, so if the power goes out, i am going to scream for one of the kids to rescue me!!!!

i hope it eventually calms down enough for a safe night and no roof caves in!!!!!!!!!!!!