i woke up to get the kids ready for school and to my heart-aching pain it was raining.

now dont get me wrong, i hear how everyone says that california needs the rain, but….

my kids dont have jackets or umbrellas or rain shoes, and on top of that, we walk to and from school….

want more?
since my last 4 were preemies, and everything they went through, they all have a “not-so-strong” immune system, and they get sick soooo much during the cold seasons.

my kids have already missed almost 3 weeks since october because they have been sick,
so this morning i bundled up my Izeah with his little brothers jacket and a sweater underneath, Lily had 2 small sweaters and a sweater of mine over that, and Kiera had a thin sweater and she wore my jacket over that.

i felt soo horrible!!!!!!!!!!
and i have been sitting here looking outside all day hoping so much that the rain will stop. my babies will walk home like this, and on top of more, i have to take anthony with me since i logically cant leave him home alone, and he already has a bad cough and cold, so i know that if i take him out with no jacket he will wind up even worst.

this is my timeline i have been documenting, see why i am so worried and upset…

santas bike rolled over

the poor dog didnt want to go potty, lolat noon santa had rolled back up and now the globe was rolling,
here we are at 1pm

santa looking like he keeps hydro-planing all over our lawn, our pool has raised a lot since this morning, and our front lawn is now a marshland, lol

at 3pm the school called me to please go get the kids because Izeah kept running out of class into the rain, so i asked if they could please stay until i can get a ride because i have the baby home sick and have to walk in the storm, they said, please come get them, so luckily a neighbor was outside just watching the rain, so she said she would keep an eye on my baby while i run to the school and get the kids, good thing the school is up the block and around the corner. i get to the school and they didnt even have all the kids ready for me like they said, i had to wait for them to get rounded up, after that, we ran home, the sidewalks were filled with water and went inside our shoes. we got to the house and took off soaked sweaters and shoes, and the girls hit the showers while Izeah ran straight to our little heater and laid infront of it.
we got home and this was the photo update… 345pm.

there lies our pile os sweaters and soaked shoes 🙁

and now our santa has had enough, him and the globe must have become unplugged somewhere, but i will certaintly not go check for electricity plugs in the rain, lol

SORRY FOR DRAGGING IT OUT SO MUCH, it was a long day and a horrible storm. its 629pm and it has not stopped. kids shoes area bout to go in the dryer and i hope so much that they dont get ruined 🙁