Thank you so much to everyone that supported me this last week.
Thank you for all of the thoughts and Prayers for my Grandfather!!!

It was so overwhelming to see all of the support, to read all of the comments, for my Grampa’s health, for their wishes of me winning the Grand Prize, but I think that aside from my Grampa’s well wishes, the comments about my blogging, my writing, my dedication have been the greatest!

I began blogging privately in 2007 about my thoughts, our adventures, and my broken heart because of Autism.  In November 2009 I decided to become public.  Immediately I met a wonderful community of people who were just like me!
Mothers of special needs kids, mommy’s, wives, Military wives, anything I was, there were other people out there like me.  It was Blogland!

I have met so many wonderful people through my blog, I have met some through blogging, facebook-ing, twitter-ing, and even in person.  I have come across some great opportunities and many life changing experiences.

I am very greatfull for it all.

When I became a Finalist for #InfluenceSD for Blog of the Year in San Diego, Ca, I thought nolvadex online that was the best thing ever!!  Don’t get me wrong, it still is such an Honor, but I never thought that anything else that big could ever happen to me…
Now, I have become a Finalist for The Sony Style Blogger Contest.  The prizes I received from Sony are more than I could have asked for, to own a Sony X10 that is not released in the US until “who knows?”  That is amazing!!!

This is where I have arrived, to be invited by Legoland Ca, and SeaLife Aquarium Ca to events, simply for my blogging is more than I can say.

Little ol’ me, like I said before:
“The little Blogger that could”
That’s me, that’s always been me, the little person, but today, reflecting on everything I have accomplished, and everything that I have gained, I feel not so little anymore.

Today, whether I win the Grand Prize from Sony Style or not, I already feel like the Grand Prize winner.  I am happy, I am finally happy where I am, I am inspired to become better, and I am excited for the upcoming opportunities, but I am happy, I am satisfied and I feel accomplished!!!

Thank you to all of my friends, near and far, that have stood by me since meeting me.  My Blogland is a community that I have fallen in love with, one that I will never leave 😉

Thank you!!!