Hello and how are you ;)

I am sorry I have been a bit absent. 
My Grandfather got moved to a Nursing/rehabilitation home and there is no internet there, so I can’t blog.  We have been staying there with him until midnight every night. 

My other reasons are because last week was just a non-stop-hands-on-nursing-nightmare!!!
Let me give you the run down:
1. Being with and taking care of my Grandfather at the Rehabilitation home.
2. My 6 yr old had 102.5 fever for 2 days.
3. The next day so did my 4 yr old.
4. Then the 6 yr old was covered in what looked like measles or chicken pox.
I was loosing my mind, can you picture all of the kids in the house with chicken pox or measles at the same time? 
Thankfully it wasn’t that, it turned out that it was a case of hives.  My baby missed me 🙁
5. I had one day with the 4 yr old having on and off fevers.
6. Then the 7 yr old was next for 1 day with fevers up to 103.5.  After one day of fever, she started crying about a pain in her right side.  Immediately thought it might be her appendix, throughout the night it would come and go, so I let her sleep through the night to see if it would go away, don’t worry she wasn’t crying anymore.  The next day she said she had the pain on and off throughout the day, so at 4pm, we took her to the E.R 
Yes, immediately they wanted to take out her appendix, now let me tell you why I refused:
4 yrs ago, I went to the hospital, crying my lungs out from a pain in my right side, I was 18 weeks pregnant.  After 15 minutes of “diagnosis” the doctors determined that it was my appendix, though ultrasounds and Xrays (yes Xrays while I was pregnant) didn’t determine my appendix to be swollen, they still thought it was that.  So into the O.R I went, we went. Surgery while pregnant (not to mention that for the record I had 3 previous high-risk pregnancies and did the bed-rest thing :/ ), a day later, there was the pain and there were the tears.  With baby’s heart in distress I was taken in for more ultrasounds, it was my kidneys!!!  They were shutting down.  WAIT! what about my appendix right?

The doctors said and I quote:
“After we took out your appendix, we saw that it was after all healthy Ma’am, but it’s ok, you didn’t need it anyways”

Yes, I promise that with my entire heart!!! That is what they said, same hospital I took my daughter too that night, same hospital that has made so many more “miss-diagnosis” on me, but it’s the only hospital I can take her too, it’s the only Military hospital out here.
So you understand why I didn’t let them rush in and operate my daughter, my 7 yr old daughter at that?  She was in fact admitted though, for observation, I know the Doctors were trying to prove me wrong, and say “I told you so!” lol, but I would rather spend many nights in the hospital with my baby, than have her go through the same unnecessary surgery I went through.  We spent 2 days there, her pains are still there, light but not bad.  The Doctor discharged her, and just said to make sure I took her back to the E.R if her pain came back strong.  I have been watching her like a hawk, in the back of my mind i am always cautious about that appendix, but so far so good.

For 3 days now I have been out of a Hospital enviroment, and I guess I just couldn’t stay away from a medical atmosphere because on Saturday, I took my entire Family with me to go donate blood.  😉
I understand that we drove almost an hour, and that a prick on my finger and a poke in my arm are a bit inconvinient, but the thought; the simple thought that my Grandfather has had 4 blood transfusions this year alone that have saved his life, makes everything worth while, and even feels that I have not done even a little bit to repay what has been given to us.
Please think about it.  A blood donation takes no more than 10 minutes, and you can save a life, yes, actually save a person’s life with it!!!

Today we spent the day at home, cleaning up what has become a tornado aftermath 😉
It was such a huge difference to see the before and after, I do thank the hubs though, I know he has not had time to clean the house while I have been living with my Grandpa in the hospital, and he has been going to work (and YES, the Navy knows how to work him tired!!) 😉  and coming home to care for the kids and also having time to go visit me in the hospital for lunches 😉
Thank you babe 😉

Next week is already crazy and it has not even started!!!
I will naturally spend my day crying, well the majority of it anyways.  I am very emotional and extremely Patriotic, I cry during the National Anthem and get choked up when I hear my babies say the Pledge of Allegiance 😉 I will always make sure I tell my kids what the Holiday means, what it represents and it’s cost. 

Tuesday: My Grandfather has his first appointment since living in the Nursing/Rehabilitation home.  My nerves are a wreck!  I am so afraid of him having to go back to the hospital. 

I will be staying in the Nursing/Rehabilitation home all day until my aunt can change shifts with me for the night time.  My Grandfather has been feeling a bit better, he has finally started to eat this week, but he still can not do a single thing for himself, and the nurses, though good, can not be by his side when he needs something, so we’re there 😉

My stepdad has an appointment with the cardiologist, his pacemaker seems to not be enough for him lately 🙁  So naturally I will take him and see what’s going on. 

So many appointments coming up, things I need to do, and no time to do them in.  I will update more on the rest of the crazy things I have going on later this week 😉

Are you ready for some good news?!?!
I have tons of reviews and giveaways piled up!!!
Thank you so much to the staff and companies that have been extremely understanding while I have been caring for my Grandpa 😉  You rule!!! 😉

I have Gift Cards, and Games, and more Gift Cards and toys, clothes, omg so many great things, and also a great and awesomely big giveaway 😉

 Thank you so much for being my friends, you have been so supportive always 😉
I did loose followers to my blog and twitter during my week of Finalist posts for Sony, but I do not regret it, I did it for my Grampa 😉


20 thoughts on “Hello and how are you ;)”

  1. What a crazy week! Looks like this week will be more of the same. I hope everyone feels better soon – including your grandfather – and are up on their feet. I cannot BELIEVE your appendix story.

  2. I cannot believe your appendix story either. That is ridiculous! It sounds like more craziness coming up. I hope your grandfather’s appointment goes well!

  3. oh, you had an extremely busy time! I hope everything goes smooth and you’ll be back on track. Just wanted to check on you.

  4. one of these days babe ur gonna get a break, be patient it will happen xxx we support u and love u xx

  5. You have GOT to be kidding me. That is more than most people deal with in a year. Keep your head up.

    And. HOLY CRAP on the stupid doctors after they took your guts out. What kind of jerks don’t even have the decency to lie to you?

  6. LOL!!!
    I love the part about:
    “what kind of jerks don’t even have the decency to lie to you?!”

    TY everyone for your great comments, lol. Makes me want to make a post one day, with ALL of the mis-diagnosis I have had there, lol.

  7. i am just baffled by your appendix story, but i do believe it. i know that the majority of the staff at the military hospitals are students.

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