The nominee in need of the most help walks away with
– Spa package from Well Heeled – Straight razor shave, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial (value $450)
– $250.00 Gift Certificate for Against All Odds clothing to be used at any S.D.location
– Gear from Fabricali Clothing
– Body Transformation Club 12 week personal training and nutrition counseling (valued at $1500)
– 18 sessions with Forevertone ($700.00 value)

Top 3 finalists

Eddie Gomez Jr

My husband and I have been together for 7 years and not once has he changed his style. he is a straigh dickies, t-shirt, and chucks guy. once in a while I would like to see him in a nice shirt and jeans that fit him right. Not some over baggy jeans. Men are so stylish these days and my husband has zero of those qualities. Not to mention he is 5’6 and weighs 200 lbs. He never finds the time to work out. In fact last year he bought a gym membership and didn’t even use it once. The membership card hung in the rearview mirror of his car for a year until the dog got a hold of it. LOL. He has the grosses feet from working in boots all the time. I constantly tell him to go get a pedicure. He grows his toe nails out so long until they basically hurt when he puts his shoes on. EWWWW Not to mention he’ll flick them against eachother when we are watching tv in bed. It is sooooo annoying. We have 3 young children and I would love for him to get into shape to stay healthy for them. It’s hard with a budget to get into the latest fads and really be able to afford it. He is a very hard working man who does carpentry repairs to homes damaged from termites. He does a great job supporting me and his kids and often is neglected because of the needs of our children. This would be wonderful, for him for once to be pampered to.

John Lanza

My brother is a single dad with three kids. He is in the Navy. Between raising three kids and working he never has time for himself. He looks like a gorilla and is always wearing shirts that show off his massive amount of chest hair. Not only is it embarrassing when I’m out with him, but it’s disgusting. I’m trying to find him a girl, but with his sense of style and hairiness I can’t get him a date. He doesn’t really have a style so that’s why I’m coming to yo guys. Please help my brother find i style that fits him so I don’t have to be embarrass while aroung him anymore. And hopefully we could find him a girl. Thank you, From his sister Tammy