Yes, I still have a glow about being a Finalist for The Sony Style Blogger Contest, wait, who am I kidding?
A glow? it’s more like bright neon light shooting straight through the ozone layer!!!

I am so happy to see that I have made it this far.
Me, the tiny little blogger that could!!!

To me, this is a dream come true!
A stay at home mommy of 6, a Navy wife, a “mommy blogger”, a mother that is completely in love and dedicated to her autistic son; how could I ever be more than that?

How could “I” ever be more than just that?!
A Finalist for a Sony Style Blogger Contest?
Never in a million years would I have believed anyone who told me I had a chance at this opportunity!!!
I entered this contest with no hopes or thoughts of ever being good enough to even be looked at, so being a Finalist just tickles me pink!!! πŸ˜‰

Since being in the hospital for over two weeks now at my Grandfather’s side, I have not had the opportunity to blog as I normally would.  Yes, I do feel sad about it, I miss blogging.  I also believe that if I had the chance, I would have blogged my heart out and gotten my posts out there for half of the world to see them.  I believe I do have the heart and passion to be a blogger for Sony Style.  Correction, I know I do. 
Would I leave my Grandfather in the hospital so I could blog and win a contest? Definitely not! 
That’s why, though slow, I have still been trying to blog and get the word out about my posts.  Thankfully my Grandfather is doing better, he was moved from ICU last night to regular care.  It brings me so much joy to see my Grandfather trying.  Trying to make it through this, trying to live, trying to go to Africa to watch FIFA with me.  Will he be able to go?  That would be up to the doctors, if and when the time comes, they will make the decision.

Winning the Grand Prize and being a Sony blogger would just be so awesome, even without the trip as a prize.  A blogger for Sony!!! Did you hear that?  How amazing is that!?!?  The Sony Corporation is enormous!!!  So yes, I am still giggling like a little girl at the thought that little ol’ me is a Finalist for The Sony Style blogger contest!!!

Did you see what I have already won as a Finalist!?!??!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone


FIFA Soccer 10 game by ES Sports

I know I have blogged a few times about the prizes that I won, and truthfully, I can not blog enough about them!!!
Seriously, the Sony Ericsson X10 itself, is still Unreleased in the United States!!!
The PSPgo is so much fun!!!
The FIFA ’10 game is giving myself and the kids something to fight over!!! πŸ˜‰

((drum roll))
Oh my goodness!!!
Have you checked out the Sony Style Blogger Contest page?!?!
Yes, I have blogged about the trip to South Africa to attend the semi-final & the final game of the FIFA World Cup, but did you really pay attention to the rest?!?!

Look at the entire picture!!!
This is what I could win if I am chosen as the Grand prize winner for the Sony Style Blogger Contest!!!!:

  • A trip to South Africa for my Grandpa and myself to attend the semi-final & final game of the FIFA World Cupβ„’ DREAM COME TRUE!!!
  • Travel accommodations to South Africa to attend the games OUTRAGEOUS!!!
  • A Sony Reader Pocket Edition (for our long flight) EXTRAORDINARY!!!
  • A Sony ?330 DSLR camera to help document our trip JUMPING WITH JOY!!!
  • Guest Blogger on the Sony Blog AWESOME!!!

Not to mention the prizes from above that I already have in my hands:

  • A Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 phone (giggling like a little girl when I speak about it!!!)
  • PSPgo  (Perfect gift for Moms and Mom’s purses!!!)
  • FIFA Soccer 10 game by EA Sports (Super fun and addicting!!!)

 Please help make my Grampa’s dream trip come true, and my wish to be a blogger for Sony!!!

This is it, this is the change I need in my life, the thing that is helping my Grampa have faith in his health, the thing I need to validate me as something more than just a “Mom”, The thing to make all of my nights by his bedside and with my laptop mean something great!!!

I want to make my Grampa proud of me, I want him to walk into that airport with me, I want him to be so proud of me when he is reading my posts from the Sony Style website, can you just imagine his smile?  His big blue eyes lighting up to see what I have worked so hard for?

I hope that this dream comes true, I want it to come true, I need it to come true, for all of us; especially for my Grampa πŸ˜‰

The contest ends on Monday at 11:59 p.m, if you think I am worthy of such prizes, please support my Grampa and myself so we can win the Sony Style Blogger Contest, it would mean the world to me!!!
Find me on Twitter @militaryfamof8 and through hashtag #SENDMOMMY2FIFA
Please help us by ReTweeting and by FWD: the link and message to everyone you know, we have one day left!!!
Help make this wish come true!!!

“Sony  provided me with a free  Sony Ericsson X10  phone and a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my  participation in  the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to  blog  about Sony and/or Sony  Ericsson Products.”