As many of you know, I was chosen as a Finalist for The Sony Blogger Contest (insert screams here)

Two of the gifts I received for being a finalist were a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game by EA Sports.  

When I first received these gifts I thought:
“what am I going to do with this? maybe I should just give it to the kids”
 It sat in my house for a few days, not knowing what to do with it.  I mean c’mon, what is a Mommy of 6 going to do with a hand held video game?

Those were my thoughts, my beliefs…
until “dun dunn dunnn” (like my 4 year old says)
my husband took the game to me at the hospital.  He uploaded the game for me and set the game up.  Keep in mind that I was still hesitant about playing such a childish game.
To what I remember, he pushed for me to play the game.  I can’t remember that at all, I can’t remember why I didn’t want to play it either, I loved it!

It was so fun, I was playing for an entire team! I was so excited that I jumped up and showed my Grandpa a few times, and he would laugh at me because I was so excited and loud over “such a little game” he said.

OK, so here it is, many of you, well the majority of you have PSP’s and or have children who have them right?
Yes, the PSP’s are fun, but a bit too heavy for my liking, and the fact that you, or in my case “I” have to carry all of the games for the kids, gets a bit tedious.  Can you picture me carrying at least 4 hand held games, and all of their games, chargers and “stuff”?  Here is what I look like when I need something from my purse:

 Ready for the awesome part?!?!
With the PSPgo, you have nothing extra to carry!!!
Ahh, it was such a relief to see that all of the games are downloaded onto your PSPgo
No more lost games, no more broken games, no more “extra baggage” for 4-6 kids; 7 if you include the husband who always has to have the new tech toys!!!
Oh Sony, you have thought of everything!!!
Hhmm, could a Mom be behind this idea? (giggles)

 The PSPgo is so light, I loved that!!!
I could picture 2-3 in my purse and have them equal the weight of 1 PSP, I am loving that.  I already made a list of the games my husband is going to download for me.  Did you know that here are so many games that are less than $10?!? SUPER!!!

Since my Grandpa got transferred out of ICU tonight, he will now need a little less care, still in the hospital, but thankfully not in critical condition anymore.  I will have moments when I will get to enjoy some time, while he sleeps, and a person can only be on the phone or computer for so long!

I will welcome this new toy of mine, a toy that for once will be mine, a hand held game for mommy, and though I have taught my kids that “sharing is caring”, this is a luxury that this mommy has earned for herself.

If by my luckiest stars I was to win the Grand Prize and get the trip to South Africa for FIFA World Cup 2010, it would be just awesome to have only this hand held game to carry in my purse and no additional games and weight for such a long flight.  I would be fully equipped with my Sony Ericsson X10 and my PSPgo to be a happy camper or flier (insert giggle face here)

 I am so excited!
The thought of winning the Grand Prize, of being a blogger for Sony during FIFA 10, and being able to take my Grandfather to Africa is just overwhelming!!!

Seeing all of the comments and the twitter support from friends and people who want to help see my Grandfather’s wish come true makes me cry every time.  I have been cheering my Grandfather on, I talk with him about the wonderful things we would do if we were to go to FIFA 10, how much fun it would be to be a part of such a great adventure, “OUR ADVENTURE”.
He is hopeful that he will one day get better now, I don’t let him be depressed, if I see him sad, I start telling him about the animals and the safari’s that we could see.  He has been trying, pushing himself, I am not sure if he is only doing it for me now, if he is only pushing himself so I won’t be so sad anymore.  Whatever it is, I am happy for it, if what it takes for my Grandfather to live through this is hoping to go to Africa and make memories with me, then that’s what I will do.  I will try my hardest to make that dream come true for him.  If I was to only be a Finalist, and by that I mean not winning the Grand Prize trip to be a Sony Blogger, then I would naturally be sad, but you know what?

To me, the Grand Prize is seeing my Grandfather leave this hospital, alive!

He has been through so much these last few weeks, so many times he was not to be counted on for the next day, but he’s beaten the odds so far, and hopefully he will continue to beat the odds!!!
That would be MY Grand Prize, getting my Grandfather back!!!
Becoming a Sony Blogger and going to FIFA

 Here are just some of the specifications of the PSPgo
The PSPgo has:

  • Built in 16GB flash memory
  • Smaller and lighter size
  • No UMD™ slot, all content must be downloaded to the PSPgo
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Utilizes Memory Stick Micro™ (M2) memory cards
  • Built-in battery
  • Screen slides open to reveal buttons
  • No Hold indicator
  • Uses a Multi Use connector instead of a USB port
“Sony  provided me with a free  Sony Ericsson X10  phone and a PSPgo and FIFA Soccer 10 game in connection with my  participation in  the Sony Ericsson/Sony Style X10 Blogger Contest, which requires me to  blog  about Sony and/or Sony  Ericsson Products.”