Welcome to my first Thrifty Thursday post!
I have had several posts saved for quite some time, just never got around to it.  Seems timing is everything, and as I am now a single Mother, I will definitely need to budget even more.  So I decided that even though I am a day late, it’s better than never!

this past Wednesday, I was making yet another design for my posts, and my 13yo Daughter asked of she could make one, she dumped all of my saved coin change and arranged everything, she even made the graphics, lol 😉
I had to share her work!
cute huh?
My Thrifty Thursday posts will basically be about saving, thrifting, coupons, deals, great sales, budgets, anything that has to do with saving money and sharing tips!
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What’s a Thrifty Thursday post, if there’s no savings info?!
Have you gone to your stores Holiday clearance section yet?!?!I went to K-mart this week, and ALL of their Valentine’s day items are 90% OFF!!
Don’t think that you can only buy so many Valentine’s Day cards for the future years…

This year I saw many Valentine’s Day card sets with pencils, erasers, notepads and such, cute right?!?!
I bought ALL of the Valentine’s Day card sets and
Teddy Bear with vase gift sets you see on the rack, my total!??
under $20!!!!

I bought some candy 😉
everything went in my cart…
Teacher’s bear w/glass vase gifts for next year: .90 cents!!!

I’m NOT that crazy, think about it, each box comes with 14-24 pencils, erasers, or notepads.  Are you thinking School supply season?!??!
Party favors/goodie bags?!?!
Prize box treats for Teachers, or even your own kids?!

It’s all about thinking outside the box, and I do that A LOT!

I hope you were able to understand my madness, creativity and need has lead to many great inventions!
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