Amber It Works Triple Diamond Leader and Jenn’ Blah Blah Blog and some amazing blogging friends have come together to offer you a basket of goodies worth $533!
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  • Greens$28.00
  • Facial Applicators$89.00
  • Defining Gel$79.00
  • Ultimate Body Applicators – 1 Box $99.00
  • Fat Fighters$33.00
  • ThermoFit$59.00
  • Its Vital$29.00
  • ProFit Protein Shake – Vanilla Flavor$99.00
  • Bling Tumbler$8.00
  • Bling Watch$10.00
  • Green Tape Measure
  • St Patricks Day Hat, Headband, necklaces and decoration
Total Value – $533.00 Information packets on all products! If you have questions about these fabulous products you can contact Amber at [email protected].
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One lucky person will win all the products listed above! That’s $533 worth of awesome products to help get your skinny on!
Must be 18+ to enter and live in the US. This wonderful giveaway will begin on 3/2/13 at 5:00pm EST and end on 03/17/13 at 11:59pm EST.