Time for a happy dance, I’m back!!!

It has indeed been another long wait, so many things happened and I will slowly post about everything. I am HAPPY to say that I now have computer access 😉 Thanks to my Husband for our Anniversary gift 😉

I am still getting used to it, especially the touchscreen keyboard, I guess I’m just old fashioned LOL give me a mouse and keyboard and I smile

So I can gladly say “I’m back”
As for the blog transfer to WP and the re-design; I am sad to say it wont buy accutane online us happen for a while now. The person who I payed to do that stole my money and did nothing.
So we’re stuck here for a while longer my friends, and yes I will write a post about it 😉

How was everyone’s weekend? How’s the weather where you are now? It’s 80+ here in San Diego, Ca beautiful but hot lol.

I have missed you my dear friends 😉

8 thoughts on “Time for a happy dance, I’m back!!!”

  1. The weather here in Baltimore is finally gorgeous yesterday and today (with the exception of storms that should blow through tonight) with a temp of 80 today!

  2. What did you get?

    And my offer still stands on the WP move. All you need to do is give me the go and we’re movin’ on up…

  3. @ Jennifer, so glad to hear you finally have good weather 😉 I’m finally on here so I will be catching up with you a lot more often now 😉 Give Jack a HUG!

  4. @ Shan, thank you SO much for the offer my love 😉 I know that you are not like the OTHER person who screwed me good.
    He got me the Android Viewpad 7

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  7. I’m so happy you are back but sorry to hear you have had MORE bad luck. UGH! Hopefully that’s the end of that!

  8. OMG, do you see whats transpiring in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the demonstrations continue

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