Has PTSD affected your life? The life of someone you know? How about if I tell you that the cheeriest person around you might be so good at hiding it, that you would never know?  That’s what happened to our Family, and we almost lost my husband because of that.  I was ashamed to post about this, but I think it’s something very important to us all, and the word needs to get out 😉

I finally have time to sit and update you on ALL that has happened in the last weeks I haven’t blogged.  Below is a post i had started and kept adding this too as they kept happening; warning, if you’re a cryer go get your tissues 😉

I can’t remember when I last posted about what was going on in our lives, but I know that I am long overdue.  So here goes my heart…

  1. a few weeks ago, I had the worst migraine attack in years, after that I felt exhausted and just not right; 4 days later I was in the hospital because I felt too dizzy and disoriented, I was sent home as the doctor said “I think you might have had a stroke but I am going to send you home with vertigo medication cause I might be wrong”    I was back in the ER 3 days later, after feeling worst.  It turns out I had a minor stroke, my body was telling me what the doctor’s weren’t.  
  2. My husband was sent to Washington DC for work during the week of our move
  3. I was left home alone with the kids to move with only our minivan
  4. while I was taking one trip of boxes to our new house, our old house got robbed.  The middle row of our van seats was taken (I had taken it out so I could fit more boxes in the minivan) so many other things were taken like all of our backyard things (grill, patio sets, bikes, toys) and boxes that were in the garage with clothes, toys, and other things.  the worst part was our van seats, it’s something that affects us daily since we can no longer all fit in the car at the same time :/  btw we didn’t have renter’s insurance, so BLAH to the thieves :/
  5. because of all of those things happening at once, our sons autism and adhd have gotten so much worst that we were told our son has to attend an all day special education class, that was so hard on us.

As I think that things might get back to normal, my husband got the news that he will be getting out of the Military due to his injuries and medical condition, with all of the above going on at the same time, along with his PTSD and depression, my husband tried to take his life.  It has by far been the worst thing I have ever had to deal with, putting up this front to the world, to our children; it’s been SO hard.  I have felt numb, lost, and lonely.  That stay was over a month.

If matters weren’t at an all time low, someone felt the need to call Child Protective Services and tell them that I was so depressed that I wouldn’t get out of bed, feed my children, send them to school, or anything of the sort; and also that I was going to be going to jail for a warrant.  Thankfully they checked our home, spoke to our kids, and since the information given to the Social worker was so far off from what was really going on, they left and didn’t take my children from me.  I have always been very open about my life with the world, to the degree that it almost bit me on the butt, but since there has only been certain information that I have given to certain people, I know where the call originated from, and it’s okay.  I will take it as an extreme show of concern and a stern warning to watch my mouth LOL 😉

Now it’s March 23rd, my husband finally came home last friday, after a little over a month in the hospital.  Things will get better, I have Faith, and for now we are taking everything one day at a time 😉

I will post more about PTSD at a later time, it’s a very serious disease, but for now, I just want to say thank you to everyone for still being here for me, for still supporting me, and for showing me that you still love me 😉

PS a stupid thief stole our new lawnmower yesterday that I had bought to replace the one that was stolen last month during the move, on a good note; he took it after I mowed the lawn 😉  (In life, If I can’t find the humor in something, I see the pain in everything, so giggle with me!)