i am running sooo behind. i have been working on will’s blog, that i haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with mine.
i finally have his blog set up, the one for the progress of the “project man make-over” contest he won. it’s linked in my profile and sidebar.

so today what happened???
will went to work, i dropped him off, and me and the boys had another morning of cartoons. we got dressed and went to have lunch with daddy at 11am. we had lunch at that little chinese shop again, and then we went junk shopping at a little novelty store they had next door, lol.

we dropped off daddy and we went home to wait for the girls. we ate lunch and watched tv. it’s cheap ambien alternative cool to hang out with the boys, lol. it seems that they drive me more crazy now that it’s only 2 instead of the 3. weird.

i called the personal trainer for will, and he is supposed to start tomorrow for his 12 week sessions. i am so exited!!!!!!
i will definetly be posting on the progress blog, and on here.

tonight for dinner, like every tuesday, we went out. it was cool, we met up with mimi and lew and their kids, it’s always nice to leave the house for a meal. after that we went to walmart to look at costumes.