So Christmas eve the family and I rushed to sears to start our Christmas shopping, I know, I manage time well, lol.

Sears provided our Family with a chance to shop at their Chula Vista location recently.  So out of all the days in the year, we went to shop on Christmas eve.  The store was as full as can be expected, families everywhere leaving things looking like the elves has a race 😉
As I looked around, in every department they had at least 3 employees organizing the areas.  Yes, we had ALL of our kids with us, so you know that from the 4 year old to the 9 year old it was a game.  As I would approach an employee I would apologize for whatever mess my children made, hoping I would not get the evil eye; I didn’t! 
They were very nice, patient and helpful.  At 6pm the mall closed and what ever shoppers were left, flocked to Sears.  In the whole time we were there, every single employee was nice, and helpful. 

After several hours in their store, I was able to get each of the kids a nice brand name pair of shoes and 1 complete outfit for exactly $200.00  Did I mention I have a lot of kids 😉

The sales are amazing, and  the discounts  helped a TON!

Today I went to Sears again because in the rush of trying to wrangle the kids on Christmas eve, I accidentally grabbed 2 right shoes for the 4 yr old, funny thing is that we didnt realize it until he was wearing his shoes in public and someone mentioned it.  EMBARASSING!! lol

I went straight to Sears and told them what happened, they found the missing shoe for me, and as a Thank you and apology I recieved a 20% off coupon for my next purchase.

Yes, I do love Sears, and I will continue to buy my children’s clothing there, the prices along with the quality and even the name brands make it an amazing thing for my Family.

Thank you to Sears and ALL of the employees that made our trip possible.