No, I didn’t forget to do my Thankful Thursday post, yes I have a lot to be thankful for, but I just couldn’t get the details I wanted for my post in time; like my feature on the USO Thankful Thursday post.

Onto me then… Lol…

For the 2009 year I am thankful for:
My family still being together
My children being as healthy as they can be for now 😉
My husb being able to stay in the military
Being able to find a home to rent that my kids can have an awesome time in the backyard
For being able to adopt Max Tour furry family member)
For ALL of the organizations that have helped and impacted our lives!

Mainly for God allowing us to make it! For the blessings he has put in our paths and for the battles he helped me win within myself, for hearing my desperate crying prayers when my babies were so sick and for giving me to constant push to keep going

I am SO thankful for the wonderful friends that I have met through blogland.