a quick catch-up…

I haven’t blogged in here in a few days, reasons?
yes, I have them, lol…

here’s my timeline so you have an idea of where I’ve been, lol:

  • Saturday.  We  went to an awesome event at the SEALIFE Aquarium, to which I still have not had the time and strength to finish my review 🙁
  • Sunday. Anthony (4 yr old) spent the day complaining that his tummy hurt only to start with stomach flu later that afternoon, non stop V&D poor baby 🙁
  • Monday. We had a presentation to go to, and Anthony felt good enough to go.  He had a V episode in the car, but did great and even ate at the event.  The rest of the afternoon he was just miserable.  Couldn’t keep anything down. 🙁
  •  Tuesday. Anthony still had the stomach flu and I was in so much pain from my R.A I could hardly move
  • Wednesday. Izeah (6 yr old) woke up with a low grade fever and V, so I kept him home from school.  Ant was feeling better from the stomach flu, Izeah seemed to be trying to fight it, and I was in miserable pain from the R.A
  • Thursday. It hits the fan!!! I woke up with the stomach flu, Izeah went to school because his body managed to fight off the tummy flu 😉 and Anthony was feeling great, a real chitter chatter 😉  I was feeling cheap ativan canada sooo crappy, stomach flu in full motion, and the pain from my R.A was at it’s max.  Not a  good day.
  • Friday. Today was my baby’s 10th Birthday, and Mommy was just a full mess.  She went to school, I had spent the previous night crying to hubby to take me to the doc, I know I sound like a wuss being that Anthony braved through his stomach flu episode like a champ, but I gave up, I couldn’t stop visiting the porcelain god every hour, for 14 hours straight, 14 hrs straight.  I got a call from the school, asking me to pick up Lily, she was crying from a stomach ache.  Once she came home she told me she had been throwing up all day at school, boy will they get a horrible call on monday!!!!!!!!!  She spent the rest of the afternoon and night with the stomach flu.  Friday night, daddy surprised us all by bringing home a chocolate cake for Kiera, and he cooked a family steak dinner since it’s her favorite.  
  •  On a good note, I think I lost about 5 pounds, lol

 I still feel yukky, I guess it’s a migraine from being dehydrated, hopefully Lily will not keep that bug for too long
I hope you all have a great weekend 😉

V&D= vomit & diar. R.A= Rheumatoid Arthritis V=vomiting

8 thoughts on “a quick catch-up…”

  1. You all surely had a rough week. I hope that you get to feeling better soon. That flu went through our house like Wildfire. Thankfully it was only at it’s worst no more then 6 hours.

  2. You are a very busy lady… I’m sorry that the stomach crud has landed on your family. Hang in there!


  3. Hope everyone is better soon! Guess things can really get passed around in a big household–it’s bad enough with just our family of three!

  4. welcome back Lily, great ur feeling better, and by the sounds of it, all had a great time xx

  5. Well, on a good note, at least you all got it at the same time – instead of it being dragged out for weeks rather than days!

    My mom has RA and when it’s bad – its BAD! That on top of a flu has got to be horrible.

    I’m hoping that you feel better now, and are ready for a new week! Happy ICLW and get lots of rest! =)

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