I want to say hell o and thank you to my faithful friends for still sticking by my through this little slump i have been in.

Today I am telling myself will be a good day.  😉

Yesterday when we picked up Kiera from school she was so excited and told us that on the basketball team that she just joined the week before, and mind you, she had never played basketball before that, they all tried out to see what positions they were going to play in today’s game, which is thheir first game…
She made “shoot star”
she’s the best shooter in the team.
We are going ot her game today, and I will post picks later 😉

On Wednesday we got to go to Disney on Ice, I will write about that later so I can upload pictures n stuff, lol.

Other than that, life has been on the slow track for me since getting sick.  Just haven’t been able to get my body back out of the mud, but it’s always a work in progress with me, lol.

Thank you Stacie, William, Jingle, Mai, Teresa, Noelle, and everyone else who has kept in constant contact with me, I value you very much as dear friends.

I have not forgotten about freebie friday, I am working on that right now 😉


something that kept me busy today, was finally working on my webpage I received it as a gift years ago, but couldn’t figure out how to fix it, lol