Camping and the Forever Memories…

This is NOT a sponsored post, I truly believe that KOA is an amazing company and I want to share it with my readers

Camping and the Forever Memories…

Camping and the Forever Memories...

The subject of Camping was never spoken about while I was growing up, it’s just something that wasn’t done or thought of. As I grew up, I familiarized camping with something only a certain type of outdoors(y) people did. Being from the suburbs, and a very traditional Mexican Family; our weekends were based on “carne asadas” (what we call a bbq/picnic”, or the park or beaches; since we lived in San Diego, California.
As I got married and had children of my own, it was just something that looked so foreign to me, or scary as my kids were all very young.
I remember one summer, I did buy them sleeping bags and tiny pop-up tents, and let them camp out in the living room.  That was it, that was the extent of our camping experiences.

Fast forward to 2011, our Family of 8 drove from San Diego, California to New York in our minivan, and it was definitely an adventure.  We stayed in hotels, and the one constant thing the kids asked, was if we could camp out one of those nights.  This was especially requested while we spent three days at the Grand Canyon.

Camping and the Forever Memories...

Camping and the Forever Memories…

Being that the drive was stressful enough, we ignored it and made it to NY.  Since living here, camping is something that a lot of Families do out here, especially in the Summer months.  All of our kids’ friends, go camping at least twice, and every time I get asked why we can not go.

My Husband’s Family has a traditional yearly camping weekend, and last year was the first time we were able to attend.  We didn’t spend the night as my kids would have wanted, but we spent an entire day with the Family.  There was laughter, and football, and hide & seek, and stories, memories, and so much more.  It was literally 100 times better than anything I ever imagined.
The laughs my children had with their cousins and Uncles, and s’mores by the campfire; that night I realized what it mean to go Camping and the Forever Memories…

Camping and the Forever Memories...

This year our children are 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, 23, and I have had a year filled with realizations of the years going by.  This Summer will be our oldest Daughter’s last Summer home before she becomes a Senior in High School and goes off to College soon after.  I have one last Summer with her, one last Summer to make as many amazing memories as we can, one last Summer before my baby girl grows up and leaves the nest. This is why we have chosen KOA to spend our camping nights in, the fun is just too much!

So with all the talk about making this last Summer as special as we can, we have all decided that we are taking the entire Summer off and driving back home to San Diego, we are driving through the entire United States, without a care in the world; we will go where the wind takes us and we will make the best memories that we can make.  Since my Husband is working full-time, as well as attending School full-time, he will only fly out to join us a few times during the Summer, so it will be an epic road trip adventure with just the kids and I. Of course there has been talks of camping, so we have added sleeping bags & tents to our list, and we plan to enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. PS: If you plan on going camping and need to have a checklist on essentials to carry, this is the absolute camping guide with a link to download the free essentials checklist.

Camping and the Forever Memories...

The fear I had of camping in a dangerous area has long gone, see, I discovered what KOA is; and after visiting their website and seeing first hand the facilities; I feel confident in knowing that  I can go camping alone with my children and we will be in a safe and managed area. Knowing that there are identifiable staff for us gives me peace of mind.

Camping and the Forever Memories...
and since our 12 year old son has an Autism suppport dog, it’s a great relief to know that KOA is pet friendly and has places for Blue to have fun as well…Camping and the Forever Memories...Camping and the Forever Memories...

I can not wait to begin our adventure, and the best part is that depending on what we have going on that day, or what part of the Country we are;
there is a KOA available for our needs…
Camping and the Forever Memories...

After last Summer, and this upcoming Summer, I truly believe that every Family should go camping at least once in their lives, wether in a tent under the night sky, or in a cabin with the comforts of a roof;
it is definitely an experience you ill never forget.
Have you been camping recently? Have any camping trips planned for this year?
Do you have tips and tricks that you would like to share with us “first timers”?

20 thoughts on “Camping and the Forever Memories…”

  1. You definitely should!
    We lived in California all of my life and all of my kids’ lives, and we moved to NY 6 years ago; I regret never taking them to all of the beautiful places to see while we were there 😉

  2. My kids LOVE camping! I love that we can also bring our dogs along. We can’t wait to camp this summer! Thanks for sharing! @juliehoagwriter

  3. This is awesome! Growing up from a camping family, I can’t wait to spend the weekends camping this week.

  4. My dad took me camping all the time when I was little, it was our special thing and I loved that we were able to have that special bonding time. I’m happy you and your family had a fantastic time!

  5. I’d camp so long as I had comfort. Like a real bed or at least an air mattress. I can be rather picky. I guess glamping is more of my thing.

  6. I love camping. Some of my best memories with my family from when I was young come from camping. Of course, there were some mishaps (getting flooded out, etc). But I guess that teaches you some things as a kid. 😛

  7. I agree to that, memories will stay forever. I had one too but with friends and all the memories are still vivid. But i love to see yours, family camping is still a better one.

  8. I agree to you, memories stay forever. I have done it too, but with friends and the memories are still vivid up to now. But yours is a bit meaningful and great, camping with the whole family..

  9. I love camping and can’t wait to share this adventure with my pea! I know she will love it too

  10. Growing up in New Zealand, our family did loads of camping over the summer holidays. It’s so affordable and I have wonderful memories from it.

  11. Camping is one of the best activity i enjoyed during my childhood. At first we are allowed to do camping in our backyard, then to our school grounds, until it elevates to out-of-town camping. It’s cool!

  12. This had to be great experience for the kids. I never went camping as a child and I don’t know if I would do well with it as an adult lol. I am so glad that they get to have this experience.

  13. My husband is a big fan of camping, especially since he used to be in the Army. I’m not really into camping, but I know my son would LOVE to go camping. What a great experience for your kids to camp with their family. I know they’ll never forget it!

  14. I have such fond memories of camping when I was younger. My sister and I would go with my grandparents. I treasure the time that I get to do this with my own children.

  15. I have never tried camping experience ever since. I imagine camping as a very adventurous activity. When I was in primary level, we have Boyscouts and Girlscouts in the school. I wished to join them but I was physically unwell to join activities which would require me to be physically active. Perhaps someday I will try it. 🙂

  16. It’s been a couple of years since we last went camping, but we’re hoping to squeeze in a trip before school starts in a few weeks (or maybe in the fall!)

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