As you may have read on Christmas Eve, me n hubs went to sleep at 8am Christmas day, lol.

Kids start screaming for mommy like there was a fire!  so I jumped out of bed and stepped on the dog, then we both (the dog and I not the hubs, cause he was commatose, lol) ran towards the screaming and saw the kids standing in front of the tree. 
“I dont see anything can I go back to sleep for a little bit?” I asked the kids,
I got a bunch of “No’s” from everywhere.  “fine, go wake up Daddy guys!” lol, and they ran, giving me a chance to hunt for the camera and batteries.  I heard hubs begging for 15 more minutes of sleep, lol, HA!

After all of the presents and hugs, the fantastic 4 decided to go play a game of hungry dogs, lol

For dinner, Lily read daddy and mommy a card she made for us in school, she waited for 2 weeks to be able to read it to us, lol

For dessert, I made a cake, it was out ! yr anniversary since we renewed our vows, so I thought it would be nice 😉   Lily chose the sentence to write around the cake, she said “you are the best husband I can ever ask for”  She always is the sweet one 😉

And that folks, concluded our Christmas day ride, kids were asked if they had a good Christmas and they all said they had a GREAT one!