Without fail our kids have always gotten sick during the winter months, having them all at home at the same time doesn’t help either.  It always has started with one kid coming home from school feeling sick, and it’s downhill from there.  One after the other they start with the sniffles and everything else, by the third day I have a living room full of “sickies”.  Mommy turns into Nurse and it’s 24/7 hour watch for all.  The four youngest kids have terrible gag reflexes, so the minute any of them are congested or coughing; it’s an assembly line with their “sick buckets”.   Sorry for the TMI 😉  It always stinks when kids are sick (and not just literally), as parents we worry so much, but I do believe that I feel the worst when I see my kids completely couch bound.  The dehydration that sets in from all of the loss of bodily fluids is terrible, they look so helpless on the couches.

Since the babies (yes, I still call them babies) were in the NICU, Pedialyte has always been what they drink to prevent and help with dehydration.  It’s what the Doctor’s recommended for our kid’s, it’s what we saw that worked, and it’s what has helped during some rough moments.  We have gone through all of the stages of the Pedialyte brand, and the kids have loved them all. 

Here are some helpful links for you from Pedialyte:
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FAQs about Pedialyte

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This is my shopping helper for our last run, unfortunately Walgreens only had 2 packages, so we had to take them both

The day after Christmas my kiddos were hit with the flu, and as my luck has it; their care baskets were empty.  I had to make a run to the store on a very busy shopping day :/  The one thing I always try to do is have their care baskets fully stocked, for days like those.  Do you have a care basket for your children?  What do you have in them?  Our care baskets are a “sickie” bucket, coloring books, crayons, their own tissue box, crackers, Pedialyte singles, and a blankie.

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Learn more about how Pedialyte Singles in the Tetra packaging helps with dehydration due to cold and flu and download fun activities to keep on hand for those times when your child is at home sick. Please talk to your doctor before using Pedialyte. Pedialyte is to be used under medical supervision. I was selected for this product review by Collective Bias. All opinions are mine and were not influenced by any third party.