Did you know that Earth Day is April 22, 2010?
Well I am SUPER excited to announce my latest adventure!!!
In Honor of Earth Day,
on Sunday April 18, 2020 from 10 a.m to 5 p.m at The Beautiful Balboa Park,
We will be Celebrating EarthFair 2010!!!

Our annual EarthFair in Balboa Park is the largest free annual environmental fair in the world. EarthFair 2010 will be our 20th anniversary – the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day! Each year, the EarthFair draws around 70,000 visitors.   Produced by 400 volunteers, EarthFair features more than 350 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Kids’ Activity Area, three entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery art show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.

Honestly, I am so excited, see, I LOVE attending events with my Family, but when there is a lesson to be learned from the event, or it’s for a great cause, I am just all for it.  When I first heard about EarthFair 2010, I thought that it would be fun to go.  As I went to their site, and read the entire site, I became a kid!!!
There will be so many activities for people of all ages, and the most exciting one of all is….
An Earth Day Parade!!!!!!!!!!!  ok ok, I will give you the details in a little bit, let me first tell you of all the FUN things that will be happening on Sunday!!

Our exhibitors form the heart of EarthFair. They represent every type of environmental organization, governmental program and commercial enterprise with goods, services and causes that address our environment and quality of life. Our exhibitor fees are graduated to allow everyone to participate, from the smallest organization to the largest corporation.It’s impossible to list everything you’ll find at EarthFair: traditional conservation organizations, wildlife preservation groups, products made from natural and organically grown crops, organic gardening information, alternative energy vehicles, ecotourism opportunities, many alternative and traditional health care products and services, pet adoption services, clean air and clean water products, rainforest preservation groups … the list goes on and on

Events for the Kid in you 😉

In our Childrens’ Activity Area you’ll find crafts, games, face painting, storytelling, and a hands-on activities for children of all ages. Activities are intended to educate, entertain and inspire youth, in the spirit of Earth Day. This year, participants will learn to make paper, find out about recycling, make gift cards from recycled materials, and learn how to visit wild areas without disturbing the environment. Our Children’s Stage features youth-oriented performances throughout the day.

 Did someone ask about Entertainment?!?!?!

EarthFair will feature three stages. We’ve already mentioned the Children’s Stage, featuring music, song and storytelling aimed at the younger set. The Moon Stage (at Park and Presidents Way) will feature a variety of contemporary music by local artists. The Folk Music Stage (by the U.N. building), hosted by the San Diego Folk Music Heritage Society, will feature some of our city’s finest folk music artists. 

 For the Car and Earth Conscious 😉

 The Cleaner Car Concourse features vehicles of all descriptions that all run on alternative fuels (hybrids included). This isn’t just “the future”: these are vehicles being used on the road today. The vehicles will be on display in the Pan American Plaza.  Do you have a vehicle that belongs in the show? Click here for more information, and to register on-line.

 For the Homes that are bugging you for Earth Friendly friendships 😉 eHomes

Our eHome exhibit area showcases products and technologies that can make your home more environmentally sustainable. If you’re building a new structure, or adding to an existing home, alternative home-building technologies, such as straw bale and steel-frame construction, will be of interest. Find out about energy- and resource-saving products and materials, like energy-efficient appliances and low-E windows. A wide variety of solar electric systems – available now, to help you get off the grid – will be shown.

Awesome eARTh Exhibitions

The eARTh Gallery features works by artists using recycled materials or showing depictions of “Endangered Spaces” in San Diego County. The artwork will be presented next to the Children’s Area in the Pan American Plaza (close to the Auto Museum).  Are you an artist with earth-friendly art you’d like to display? Click here for more information about exhibiting in the eARTh Gallery.

Did you think I forgot about the Food?!?!?!

Tired of the nitrate-filled hot dogs and sugar-loaded sodas you usually get at large public events? Then step right up to our Food Pavilion for a change of pace. You’ll find out-of-the-ordinary vegetarian fare that will make you wish it was available in the park all year long.

For the shopper in you 😉

You’ll see lots of stuff to buy at EarthFair. As in previous years, non-profit organizations are free to sell goods and services to support their operations. In fact, for many of the smaller non-profits, EarthFair can be a significant source of funding for their activities. So, if you want to get some holiday gifts real early, you can make sure your money will be going to a cause you want to support.  We will also allow for-profit organizations to sell environmentally-beneficial goods and services.

OK OK OK, I have held the “FUNNEST” part long enough!!!!!
There is an Earth Day Parade that starts the celebrations!!! 
What? that wasn’t exciting news? Ok, I’ll keep going 😉
It’s an AWESOME parade!  

A parade to celebrate the variety of life on earth and demonstrate a commitment to a clean, healthy environment. The Parade is a kick-off for EarthFair 2010, the world’s largest free environmental fair and Earth Day celebration.

You want info on the Parade?
Line up 9:30 am – 10:15 am  Parade begins at 10:30 am  Total marching time: about 30 minutes In Balboa Park, the parade proceeds from the Natural History Museum, west to the Art Museum, south past the Organ Pavilion, ending at the Children’s Area between the Puppet Theater and the Auto Museum in Pan American Plaza (parade follows the red line of this exhibitor map).
The groups participating in the Parade have to have a minimum of 6 people.  I know that our Family alone is a group, lol, but I want to make it BIGGER 😉 

The theme for this year’s parade is: “DO YOUR PART.” We are asking people to show how their individual action can express the spirit of Earth Day and promote a clean, healthy, prosperous environment. The following are ideas you may want to consider as a focus for your own parade team:  Endangered Animals, Ocean Life, Indigenous Traditions, Wilderness, Habitat Restoration, Trees/ReForestation, Rainforests, People, Desert Life, Wetlands, Peace, BioDiversity, “Mother Nature”, Recycle/Reduce Waste, Taking care of Earth and Ourselves

A Parade for Earth Day, a Theme Parade at that!!
I had Hubby sit and think with me about costumes to make for the kids 😉 
Did I tell you I am excited?

Here is a link of past parade pictures, so you can see how CUTE the Kid’s look during the Parade 😉
As I said above our Family is big enough to count as a group, but I want a BIGGER group 😉
If you would like to join us for the Parade, please let me know, I promise that it will be LOT’S OF FUN!!!
Hubby and I will help you create a costume for your child if you need help 😉
After the Parade we can enjoy a FULL FREE day in celebration of Earth Day 😉
Even if you don’t want to be a part of our parade 🙁 lol, you can still come on out and enjoy some California sun (hopefully) 😉 and learn more about helping Mother Earth 😉

I just received this extra information that I thought you would really enjoy 😉

And here’s a lot more info! and we still need VOLUNTEERS mainly in the afternoon!
Free Stuff – Kids Activities – Animals – at EarthFair 2010 – Sunday, April 18 from 10am – 5pm
Make sure you SEE what you want at the EarthFair! PLAN in advance by searching by issues using the online Exhibitor Finder at
USE our free, secure bike parking…take transit…DO your part!
If you must drive, after 10AM use our off-site parking and free shuttle services
from City College and after NOON, use the County Administration Building Lot.
Details: http://www.earthdayweb.org/EF/EarthFairTransportation.html
FREEBIES at the 20th anniversary EarthFair in Balboa Park – Sunday, April 18 from 10am – 5pm
Plaza de Panama
SPIN the Barona Prize wheel
Sample CHOBANI Yogurt
Enter a free raffle for a mobile personal TV at the Qualcomm booth
Enter the CONSERVATION HERO contest being held by Wildcoast at 1pm
Food Area at Park & President’s
The Living Mix Tour is offering samples of:
– Knudsen Organic Juice
– Back to Nature granola and crackers
– Fruit2Day juice drink
– Mori-Nu Tofu
Turtle Mountain ice cream
– Hero gummy vitamins
GanoCafe will be sampling it’s lower-acid and lower-caffeine coffee drink
El Prado West
The GoodOnYa Bar will be giving out samples
Pan American Plaza
Global Reduction Opportunity Education is having a raffle for its recycling bins
FAGE (pronounced “fa-yeh) will be sampling its Greek Yogurt
Wal-mart will be giving away reusable shopping bags
The Mall
Lions, Tigers & Bears is holding a raffle for 8 amazing prizes including a behind-the-scenes visit to their wild cat rescue facility
Federal Building lawn
LongLivePlanetEarth.org is hosting a drawing for an Earth-friendly art piece
For Kids!
Kids Area
Becky Bones is giving out one grant winner PER HOUR
CLIF bars will be giving free samples of Z Bars and Twisted Fruit
Kids Activities in the Kids Area (near the Puppet Theatre)
Can you sort recyclables? Join the Recyling Race with the Innovations Academy Charter School in the Kids Area
Create necklaces and bracelets using recycled magazines with the Greater San Diego Academy in the Kids Area
Center for Integral Education will be hosting a Recycling Art Project
Make your personal Earth Day promise for what you’ll do the rest of the year: at the Humanitree tables in the Kids Area and Plaza de Panama
La Jolla Country Day School is presenting a “Thought Wall” along with an activity
Nature of Art will have drawing and painting with non-toxic art supplies and recycled crayons
Play SpongeBob Recycling Basketball with the San Diego County Office of Education
Play interactively with Tandem Teaching in the Kids Area
Kids Activities (in other areas)
Clean UP a table-top oil spill with Cuyamaca College on El Prado West
Join I Love a Clean San Diego and play “Operation Clean-Up” based on the classic game “Operation” on El Prado East
Take home a drought tolerant planting from the Water Conservation Garden in the UN Area
Dance in the cob (adobe) at the RainThanks & Greywater exhibit in the Pan American Plaza
Play “So Many Mouths” with Project Wildlife in the UN Area

Make your own admission coupon to the Chula Vista Nature Center across from the Organ Pavilion

Make your own “Earth Day Button” with the San Diego Oceans Foundation (Federal Building Lawn)
Christians for EarthCare is making “Get Well Earth” cards on the Federal Building Lawn Area

Live reptiles and a tarantula at County of San Diego, Department of Parks in The Mall Area
Zoofari will have wild animals in El Prado East (a baby 1 foot alligator, a hedgehog, a kinkajou, opossum, porcupine and snake)
Wee Companions will have guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice in the UN Area
Have your photo taken with Wilma the 100-pound python in the Kids Area
University of San Diego will have a marine touch tank in the Plaza de Panama
SEACAMP San Diego and Garfield High School will have a marine touch tank in the Pan American Plaza
Learn about saving whales and see the 9-foot whale suit with Greenpeace in Area across from the Organ Pavilion
San Diego Beekeeping Society will have an observation hive to see bees in their living quarters in El Prado East
Pro Peninsula is involved with saving 5 species of endangered sea turtles in El Prado East
RBHS Cares educates and raises funds to save the endangered spider monkey in Mexico in El Prado West
Guardian Angels Animal Rescue San Diego will have adoptable cats in the UN Area
Project Wildlife will have rescued wild animals in the UN Area
Scripps Ranch High School S.A.F.E. Animals Club raises awareness about endangered species and raises funds for World Wildlife Fund and the San Diego Zoo. Their goal this year is to raise funds for the Galapagos Island Tortoise Exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. (Kids Area)
San Diego Animal Rescue will have dogs, cats, kittens and puppies available for adoption in El Prado West
San Diego Humane Society will have adoptable animals in the UN Area
Even Chance Pit Bull Rescue will have adoptable dogs in the UN Area
Just a Dog Pit Bull Rescue will have adoptable dogs in the UN Area