As many of you know my 6 year old is on the Autism Spectrum.  Sensory processing is one of the many  things that he has a very hard time with; so when I had the opportunity to try something new that might help my son, I was extremely excited.

We received a game called “EASe Off Road”, I explained to him that he was going to play this game on the computer and tell me what he thought, how he felt and if he liked it.  This game also has music included that is Sensory Encoded specifically for children with Autism, I gave him a set of earphones and he was in his own little world.  He was so excited!
The game is called “EASe Off Road”  by Vision Audio.
I had never heard of this company before, and when I went to The EASe website, I learned a lot.  This is a company that specializes in Autism and all sensory processing areas for children. 

“The purpose of all Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) products is to stimulate, challenge, and promote sensory processing in children on the autism spectrum and others experiencing difficulty with sensory processing and organization.
EASe products deliver short, intense bursts of sensory experiences to stimulate but not over-stimulate a child experiencing difficulty with sensory processing and organization. This virtual sensory diet creates a palette of experiences to help a child cope with typical environmental conditions.
Our EASe audio CDs are the original disc-based auditory stimulation program, developed in 1995 and used by tens of thousands of parents, therapists, teachers, non profit organizations, and school systems all over the world. Our EASe Off-Road, Airshow, UFO, Snowmobile, and Rover games are unique multi-modal tools disguised as video games. They are designed to stimulate and challenge the virtual-vestibular, visual, and auditory triad of sensory pathways to reinforce and promote appropriate response to sound and reinforce balance.”

I felt I had to give you those details because for us parents of children on the Autism spectrum, EVERYDAY is a challenge, for some more than others, and anything that I can do to help other parents, I am all for it.  As a mom of a child on the Autism Spectrum, I am glad to be able to share this game review with you, and I hope that you will also be inspired to use it with your child(ren) as well.

Let me tell you first how a typical week for us goes; I get at least 4 phone calls a week from his school principal or teacher and a few from his after school program regarding his uncontrollable behavior or and lack of focus and participation.  He excludes himself from all participation in class and activities, even classwork.  At home it gets even more hectic.  His behavior requires me to be chasing after him all day long, I can not leave him unattended because his ADHD and his control issues have full reign over him.  Many times I have felt I have been on my last ounce of patience and sanity.
Now let me tell you about how things have been since we received The EASe Off Road game.
Since I noticed that he really loved playing the game, I decided to have a reward method with him.
This is something that I have noticed works well with him.  We received the game on Jan. 22, on a Friday.  The entire weekend my son was able to play the game on and off throughout the day.  If he was able to control his behavior in a way that is not typical for him, he earned time to play the game.
He was EXTREMELY focused, as parents of children on the Autism spectrum we know that “Focus” is not something that many of our children have.  He managed to concentrate and play through the game, he said he enjoyed the music, and the “missions” were in his words were: “so fun!”

Let me tell you, when I first saw the graphics and heard the game, I was thinking to myself “oh wow!”  to me it looked like a simple game from years ago.
IMPORTANT, the game is not for my liking or for myself, it’s for my son, for all the children out there who do not “perceive” the  world in the same way that we do.
To our children on the Autism spectrum a sound, color, or movement can be 10 times more dramatic than to anyone else.

He has had this game for 3 weeks, the entire 2 weeks and a half, I have not had a call from his school.  He has stayed on blue (blue is the card that you get if you behaved ALL day) card and even in his after school program the director called me and told me she see’s a complete change in him. 
Though I am not claiming that EASe Off Road cured my son, I AM stating that as it’s supposed to, it has helped my son tremendously.  It is helping him to focus and to concentrate, and he LOVES the game so much, it means the world to me.

I will definitely continue to get him the games.  On the website there is also a link where you can find doctors in your area that use these games and music CD’s.  Izeah’s therapist noticed a dramatic change in him and asked what had I been doing with Izeah since his last visit.  I told him about the game and about his change in school and the after school program.  He asked me for the information on the company because they want to try to get the sets for the clinic.

To see how much my son loves to play this game, to see how much it takes for him to be able to focus and control himself so much, to the point of completely acting like someone else, makes me happy.  It has given him an opportunity to see how good behavior helps him.  He has come home so HAPPY telling me “Mommy, I got a blue card again look!!! can I play my game now?!” No matter how much he has loved other toys, it has not had this effect on him, he said “the music makes my ears happy”

Please take a moment and visit The EASe website, The games are great and they even have samples of the music cd’s, pleasing to my ears as well as Izeah’s.

Here is a little information about their Music cd’s:

The EASe CD series can help ease the pain of hyperacusis and auditory hypersensitivity in Autism, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), PDD, PDD-NOS, ADD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome and provides a low cost alternative to auditory integration therapy, known as AIT.
Parents and Therapists have Reported Improvements in:
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Sensory defensiveness
  • Eye contact
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Verbal communication and articulation
  • Temperament and self-management
  • Organization
  • Sleep management
  • Focus and attention

The EASe Off Road game definitely gets my complete seal of approval!!!
Now on to the goodies!!!  
The EASe Company has GRACIOUSLY offered to give: 
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