Yes, I know it acts more like its from the 1700’s not the 1800’s but i wanted to feel a little modernized, lol

As many of you remember i entered a giveaway a while back for a new laptop from HP, needless to say i didn’t win, lol.

I have been trying to write a review post today for a great video game and music cd for sensory processing problems, autism and down syndrome related, and this comp is driving me crazy!!!!!!! lol

it freezes for over 2 hours at a time, and I can not re-start it because i will loose what I have written, so I have to hurry up and wait, lol.

I have just about lost my marbles, lol, so in the time I was sitting and waiting, i decided that I am going to work very hard at trying to buy my own computer, lol. As many of you know, we are a Family of 8 on one income; buying a computer is something we can not afford at all.

I signed up for Sponsored Tweets over a week ago and I have made $4 dllrs in about a week, lol, I know it sounds like hardly anything, but it’s $4 more dollars than what I initially had, and $4 more dollars towards a new computer, phew! lol

If you would like to join, click on this banner below:
SponsoredTweets referral badge

I will post my earnings on a page of their own so you can see what I  have earned so far.
If I make money from somewhere else, I will also post, lol, it will be a fun way for you to see me earn my millions, lol!!!!

This is a copy of my transactions so you can see my entire $4 dollars lol
transaction date amount description
187087631 02/19/10 $1.00 Tweeter final payout for tweet on offer 1100461, moving funds to earned
185588201 02/17/10 $1.00 Tweeter final payout for tweet on offer 1090231, moving funds to earned
184735221 02/16/10 $1.00 Tweeter final payout for tweet on offer 1040851, moving funds to earned
180577701 02/11/10 $1.00 Tweeter final payout for tweet on offer 940221, moving funds to earned 
p.s I am posting this from my phone, I hope it came out right, lol